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What do you know about customized vacuum stainless steel bottle?

With the improvement of living standards and the change of consumption concept, people are paying more and more attention to food safety and quality of the life. Stainless steel thermos gradually become the mainstream product on the current drinkware market because of its advantages of health, heat preservation, safety, durable and fashion. Meanwhile, in terms of environmental-friendly, plastic bottles will be eventually replaced by stainless steel bottles. We Auland as a professional drinkware manufacturer find lots of our clients have high demand of steel bottles in recent years. What’s more, current thermos flask is not only a common daily cup for drinking water, but also a personalized gift to meet the needs of different consumer groups. We can help to make customized vacuum stainless steel bottle from aspects of material, capacity, surface treatment, printing design, and package.


First, in terms of material, vacuum cups are basically stainless steel, while stainless steel material is also divided into many kinds, for bottles we mainly use 304(18/8), 316(18/10), 201 for production. 304 stainless steel internationally recognized food grade, its composition contains 18% chromium, containing 8% nickel, such standard materials has excellent corrosion resistance and good processing performance. It is a kind of material of safety and health and widely used as the raw material of inner bladder. 316 stainless steel (18/10) is medical grade stainless steel, it is better than 18/8 steel in corrosion resistance, easy to work and welding performance, but the cost is higher, mostly are used for medical equipment in hospitals. 201 stainless steel, its acid and alkali resistance is much weaker than grade 304, but are commonly used as outer bladder in the range of double wall vacuum bottles. Normally we make vacuum bottles with 304 steel inner and 201 outside. For special customer requirement, we can also make flask with 316 inside, which is quite common for Japan market.


Second in the angle of capacity, 500ml to 1000ml are the most popular on the market among so many different capacities. We know there is also a high demand for big capacity bottles, especially for clients who focusing on outside sports are favor of such flasks. Therefore, we have big molds flaks like 1.2L, 1.5L, 1.8L for choosing. And for some mold bottle, we designed four different capacities to meet different client’s requirement.

Surface treatment

Third in terms of surface treatment, gradually speaking, spray painting in normal color is the choice for most clients with lower cost. While for better touching feeling, there is rubber spraying paint, with such craft, products have a special soft, smooth, delicate and skin like feeling, making product more noble and elegant, neat and generous, more valuable in some degrees.
Except for spray painting, electroplating is also widely adopted during vacuum bottle production, and UV electronic plating is the most obvious effect, its surface looks like a mirror with iridescent shiny, really outstanding especially for spring and summer seasonal promotion.
For better understanding for the difference between above mentioned surface treatment, please check below pictures for reference.
From left to right they are normal one colored spray painting, one colored rubber coted painting and UV electronic plating.

Logo printing design

Fourthly, almost all customer will do their unique logo printing design. There are different printing methods according to how complex the logo is.
For simple one or two colors logo design, we will suggest customer silk printing, and for large scale printing with more colors or complex picture, heat transfer printing or air transfer printing are the best choice. Air transfer would cost more than heat transfer printing as such printing craft can cover the whole water bottle including the bottom, looks more fantastic for some designs. You may tell the difference from below pictures.


Finally, package also plays an important role in product marketing and selling. Auland standard package is polybag and eggcrate. Besides, we offer color box, display box, window color box, color sleeve to meet all customer needs for different product range, for example, glassware items we would suggest to pack in box for protection. Display box always suitable for supermarket promotion clients. Window color box are the best choice for giftware items. We can also help our customer to discuss and make customized packing design.

We are a professional drinkware manufacturer, if any question or requirement on customized bottles please feel free to contact us. We are pleasure to help and serve for every customer.

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