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Detailed introduction of water transfer for water bottles printing

Stainless steel water bottles water transfer printing is a common printing method, characterized by low cost, fast speed and low accuracy. Auland for the water bottle wholesalers to introduce this printing technology in detail.

What is water transfer printing?

Water transfer to a special chemical treatment of the film, after printing the required color grain, flat sent to the surface of the water, the use of water pressure, the color pattern pattern is evenly transferred to the surface of the product, when the film is automatically dissolved in water, after cleaning and drying, and then a layer of transparent protective coating, then the product has presented a completely different visual effect.

Preparation method of water transfer

It is known as a relatively environmentally friendly technology, and it is also the most emerging type of efficient printing production, probably related to his separation from the ink in the printing process. Water transfer uses the pressure of water and activators to dissolve and transfer the peel layer on the water transfer carrier film, the basic process is:

1) film printing: printing a variety of different patterns on the polymer film;

2) Spray primer: many materials must be coated with a layer of adhesion agent, such as metal, ceramics, etc., if you want to transfer different patterns, you must use different background colors, such as wood grain basically use brown, coffee color, earth yellow, etc., stone grain basically use white, etc.;

3) Extension of the membrane: let the membrane lie flat on the water surface, and wait for the membrane to stretch and flatten;

4) Activation: the pattern of the transfer film is activated into the ink state by a special solvent (activator);

5) Transfer: the use of water pressure to print the activated pattern on the printed object;

6) Water washing: the impurities remaining in the printed workpiece will be washed with water;

7) Drying: the printed workpiece is dried, and the temperature depends on the primacy and melting point of the material;

8) Spray topcoat: spray with transparent protective paint to protect the surface of the object to be printed;

9) Drying: Dry the surface of the object after spraying the topcoat.

Water transfer is suitable on below material

Water transfer printing paper is suitable for metal, stainless steel daily necessities, stainless steel panels of home appliances, plastic products, computer peripherals, home appliance appearance accessories, other plastic handicrafts, airplanes, cars, motorcycles, remote control cars, telephones, mobile phone appliances, musical instruments, sporting goods, sports star dolls, robots and game machines, stationery, tableware, daily necessities and other fine models, toys, craft gifts, advertising or gifts; Boutique boxes, gift boxes, jewelry boxes, etc.

Printing ceramic flower paper. It can be used for the production of various daily ceramics such as ceramic tableware and ceramic water appliances, and can be used for the production of architectural tiles such as waistlines, decorative ceramics, and decorative ceramics.

Printed cellophane. Can be used for glass water utensils, glass bottles, advertising cups, all kinds of glass containers and decorative glass.

Printed helmet flower paper. Widely used in the production of motorcycle helmets, helmets and other surface patterns.

Decals for sporting goods. Such as the production of tennis rackets, fishing rods and other surface trademarks, logos; Decals of metal pipe fittings, such as patterns and texts for making bicycle and motorcycle pipe fittings; Make appliqué paper on the surface of toy car molds, print wood flower paper; Stylish tattoo stickers;

Other decals that are difficult to print directly.

Water transfer used in stainless steel bottle

Water transfer printing is used in stainless steel bottle is generally more wood design, please check below picture.

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