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Vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel keeps drinks cold 14+ hours. All parts are BPA free.

Kids Series Water Bottle

Advantages of Kids Water Bottle


Mindfully design

Focusing on the growth of children is to focus on our future. The cup we designed for children is more childlike, so that they can learn different cultures from bottles and see the different world from details.

Safety materials

All drinking bottles for children must be safe, with no harmful ingredients. The selection of materials is also of a higher standard and all of them can pass food grade tests,like LFGB,FDA and many other tests.

Good performance

When using water bottles in daily life, children will inevitably collide or fall off the cups, so the drop resistance of water cups must be better to achieve the goals of preventing children from being scalded or scratched.


In the process of exploring the beautiful world, children may leave dirty things on their hands, when their hands contact with bottles will make the bottles dirty, so if the bottles’ surface is easy to clean,it will save much time of parents.

Custom Water Bottles for Kids

Auland is a professional water bottle customization company, which brings customers’ ideas and themes to the forefront of each project with our excellent OEM and ODM capabilities. Based on your design and material preferences, we leverage our expertise to bring these concepts to life, showcasing your brand in every product.

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Kids Water Bottle Guide

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