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Sturdy loop top for carrying and securing it anywhere. Fits in most car and gym equipment cups holder.

Protein Shaker


Wholesale Protein Shakers - Buy Cheap in Bulk from China

Fitness enthusiasts will consume a lot of energy during the process of exercise, and they need to replenish more substances than normal people. From the perspective of sportster, protein shake cup is different from the design of other water bottles to provide more convenient services. AULAND faces up to these demands and develops new products with continuous creativity to provide customers with more choices.

Advantages of Protein Shaker


Diversified design

While keeping the weight of cups lighter, we added a base for the protein shaker, which can be filled with protein powder. In addition to the design of base, we also provide more styles for your choice and continue to develop new products.


In order to bring convenience to sportsters, the lid of protein shaker adopts arc press design, which means you can open the lid to drink water and press down to seal the lids. And the design of middle arc can also be portable, very labor-saving.

Light weight

While simplifying the surface design of protein shaker,the cup will return to its original appearance and become lighter and easier to carry out without the complicated design .This is what most sportsters want.

Large capacity

Compared to a regular water bottle, the protein shaker has a larger capacity and can better meet the energy needs of the exercisers. And we also provide a variety of different capacity cups, customers can choose according to their demands.

Custom Protein Shaker

Auland is a professional water bottle customization company, which brings customers’ ideas and themes to the forefront of each project with our excellent OEM and ODM capabilities. Based on your design and material preferences, we leverage our expertise to bring these concepts to life, showcasing your brand in every product.

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