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Thermos flask is our main product, double & vacuum, inner 304/outside 201, the price is less than 2 usd /piece.

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We will match or beat any price, best quality and service guaranteed.

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Logo Shape Material Packaging More Ideas

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Auland focus on manufacturing and customizing quality water bottles for the purpose of putting consumers’ health first.  Our product range includes stainless steel vacuum insulated water bottles, vacuum insulated tumblers, plastic bottles, glass bottles, bamboo & Silicone bottles, etc. They are 100% food safe grade, compliant with European and American food safe standards and passed third party tests such as FDA and LFGB.What’s more, our price has a strong advantage over many competitors.

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Aiming to co-create a sustainable society, all our products are employing environment-friendly materials.


Safe products, reaching test standards of LFGB, FDA ,FSC ,REACH , ROHS and many other food-grade tests.


Samples are shipped within 24 hours, bringing every customer a reassuring purchasing experience.


We always share the rights of developing new products to our clients and take on part of or all development costs actively.

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