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BPA-FREE: Made with food-grade, eco-friendly materials that are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe.

Lunch Box


Trusted Lunch Box Manufacturer
and Suppliers in China

Except water bottles, Auland also provides customers with various types of lunch boxes. The design of all lunch boxes comes from long-term observation and continuous attempts to create practical and fashionable lunch box models. Our lunch boxes have been exported to many European countries, and the bamboo series have been praised by most of our customers.

Advantages of Lunch Box


Considerate details

In the design process of lunch boxes, we adopt double-layered or block isolation design to achieve the goals of heat insulation and taste isolation, so the food can keep fresh and tasty.

Quality assurance

For the purpose of keeping human body’s healthy, all our products can pass several European food grade tests. We have test reports for many shipped goods,for the new products,it can also be tested.

Perfect sealing technique

We made the box fits tightly to the lid by silicone. The isolation function of silicone is perfect and can also avoid the food to contact with the outside environment.

Fashionable styles

Our company provides stainless steel lunch box, plastic lunch box, silicone lunch box, glass lunch box for our customers to meet different customers’ needs. Abundant models can be selected and customized.

Custom Lunch Box

Auland is a professional water bottle customization company, which brings customers’ ideas and themes to the forefront of each project with our excellent OEM and ODM capabilities. Based on your design and material preferences, we leverage our expertise to bring these concepts to life, showcasing your brand in every product.

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Lunch Box Guide

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