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Why bottles with wide open mouth become popular?

For different market demands, water bottles are with different shapes and functions, according to currently trend, wide mouth bottles are getting more and more popular in the global market.If you are a water bottles wholesaler, you should know the characteristics of wide mouth bottles.

Nowadays, more people are likely to choose big capacity bottles in the hot summer days. For those great capacity bottles or sport bottles, always designed with a wide month lid, which for easily drinking and pouring out. It is the convenience decide such trend. European and American markets like to put some ice cubes into the thermos to keep coffee and beer cold, for bottle with small diameter, it will be not easy to put ice cubes into the cup, besides, when drinking or pouring water, ice cubes maybe get stuck in the cup, resulting in poor water flow. Meantime, some people would put lemon pieces into the bottles, so wide open bottles are the best choice. For Asian markets, people prefer to use thermos for hot drinks warm, wide bottles are convenient for people to feel the water temperature, while small cups may cause people scalds.

In terms of washing, water bottle with wide open mouth are also very convenient for people to get the bottles cleaned. If the bottle with small month, it is hard to remove dirty.

In a word, with advantages of easily drinking and convenient cleaning, water bottles with wide open mouth are favored by more and more customers.

Here we would like to recommend a mold which is quite popular recently, with wide open mouth.

Please check below pictures, these are our newly poster for kids’ thermos, girls and boys two color designs, and lids are with 10 different designs, some with handle, some with straw, you may choose anyone you like. The printing design can also be customized. Welcome for any inquiry, we are pleased to offer more comments.

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