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Water Bottle Manufacturer Tell You About Silk Printing

A water bottle is one of the daily necessities in our life. When wholesale water bottles, most of us would be fond of those with fantastic printing designs, especially for kids. Therefore, customized logo printing is quite a common request when ordering the bottles. How do those pretty images or logos be printed on bottles? Let’s talk about one of the printing methods —silk printing.

What is silk printing?

Silk printing is printing through a scraper and transferring image-text parts on a substrate with ink as the medium to form the same pattern.

Applicability of silk printing

  1. From the material point of view, you can personalize a wide range of products with silk printing, it almost covers all types of our current producing bottles, plastic, glass, stainless steel, aluminum, silicone, bamboo. What’s more, besides our drinkware industry, textiles, and various clothing fabric is also suitable for silk printing.
  2. From the color point of view, silk printing is recommended to be used for designs of up to three colors. This can include but is not limited to: phrases, simple graphic designs, and logos, but please pay attention those designs cannot be a crossover or overlapped.
  3. From the printing size point of view, both one spot and full circle printings are operable. When making the full circle silk printing, it requires to leave around 0.7-1cm each at the bottom and top of the straight bottle. For a better understanding, please refer to the below picture.

One color one spot silk printing
One color full circle silk printing

Advantages and disadvantages of silk printing


1. Lower price comparing to other printing methods. Silk printing is suitable for customers who want to lower the price.

2. Wide applicability, variety of materials are applicable.


The multicolor pattern is not suitable.

Question on silk printing

Q: Can the bottle with silk printing pass the food grade test?

A: Yes, the bottle surface did not directly touch the food, it is not affected.

Q: Is the product with silk printing microwave safe?

A: No.

Q: Is the bottle with silk printing dishwasher safe?

A: We do not recommend dishwasher, if you want to be dishwasher safe, we would recommend laser marking

Q: What is the price for silk printing?

A: Usually, we charge $0.02 for one color one spot silk printing, $0.05 for two colors considering there are defective ones during the second color printing precession.

Q: If silk printing is permanent?

A: To be honest, we cannot guarantee permanent, we can say silk printing will last a long period.

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