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Stainless Steel Bottle Supplier: Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Coating

As we all know, rubber coating is widely used in daily products, such as flashlights, keyboards, mice, power banks, and our stainless steel bottles. Today, As a professional stainless steel water bottle manufacturer, let me introduce the advantages and disadvantages of rubber coating.

Advantages of rubber coating

The appearance of this surface treatment must have its advantages. Firstly, rubber coating is also called elastic paint. When sprayed on the product surface, it will make the feel of the product surface smooth and delicate, highlight the grade, and improve the scratch resistance and wear resistance of the product. Secondly, this elastic paint is environment-friendly, without any harm to the human body. Moreover, it can cover up the defects caused by injection molding. Among many surface treatments, it occupies a place because of its high cost-performance and has won the love of consumers.

Recently, one stainless steel bottle sprayed with rubber paint broke into people’s sight and won popular support because of its unique shape and flat printing surface. Now it has become an online popular product of e-commerce platforms such as Amazon. From the shape to the grip, it’s perfect.

Disadvantages of rubber coating

I also browsed some books and found that rubber coating is not all advantages, it also has disadvantages. For example, it is easy to get dirty in production and use. Secondly, it will become sticky after using about 1-3 years and consumers can’t bear it, then they will buy a new one for replacement.

The Technology of Rubber Coating

We also want to share the process of rubber coating with you. Usually, it is a kind of transparent paint covering the product’s surface. If the product itself is red, the product will be still red after covering with rubber coating, but the touch feeling changes. The process temperature of product painting is according to different product materials. The temperature of rubber coating on stainless steel bottles is generally 150 ℃, and it needs to be sprayed 2-3 times to achieve a better touch feeling, so the cost will be increased, but even so, it is still cost-effective surface treatment method.

In conclusion, rubber coating will be a popular surface treatment for a long time and I hope the disadvantages can be improved in the future.

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