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Will 316 Stainless Steel be Global Main Material in Making Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottles in 2022?

Although the world is still facing a rigid situation by epidemic, but our company also get lots of inquiries every day with our good reputations and industry visibility. In these inquiries, we summarized and found that the use and confirmation of 316 stainless steel material occupied 40%, compared to that of 2021, demands for 316 stainless steel increased more than twice. Does this mean that 316 stainless steel will become the mainstream material in the global stainless steel vacuum cup market in 2022?

The answer is NO!

Why do I say this?

By analyzing the source of inquiries we found that 80% customers of requiring to make stainless steel bottles with 316 are from European market, those countries in European market have higher spending power.And the rest 20%, including American market, is more dispersed. Among 80% inquiries, half of them emphasized that they want high-quality water bottles while the other half need 316 stainless steel. Although there is a growing demand for 316 stainless steel material, due to the influences of material prices and the needs of market positioning, the thermos made of 316 stainless steel mainly meets the middle and high-end market.

According to the customs export data in 2021, taking stainless steel thermos as an example, the global purchase price is between $2.5-4.5 , which occupied about 60% of all prices. This price range is commonly for water cups with more than 500ml capacity. Therefore, if the purchase price of stainless steel thermos with a capacity of 500ml and above is within this range, the material is mainly 401 stainless steel, because if the material is changed to 316 stainless steel, the purchase cost should increase by 20%-30%.

However, it can be expected that, with the continuous publicity of the global water cup market for materials, people’s growing demand for high-quality materials, and the narrowing of the gap between the production cost of 316 stainless steel materials and 304 stainless steel materials, more and more water cup manufacturers will choose to use 316 stainless steel.

No matter whether 316 stainless steel will become the mainstream material in the future or not, it is bound to be replaced by materials with higher quality and higher performance. At the same time, we want to make a friendly reminder to some consumers and purchasers: When choosing products, please pay attention to distinguish its quality. It is not true that the lower the price, the higher the cost performance of the product.Once the stainless steel cup exceeds the expected value of the market is too high or too low, it indicates that this product is problematic.

Auland specializes in providing customers with full range of services on water bottle orders from product design, structure design, mold development, to plastic processing and stainless steel processing, etc. Auland is your trusted cup manufacturer.

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