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How to Wholesale BPA Free Stainless Steel Water Bottles?

At present, we live in a plastic world, and our lives are surrounded by plastic products. Whether it is food packaging, daily necessities, or work supplies, we cannot do without plastic products, but the impact of plastic products on human health requires our close attention. Concerned, more and more studies now link BPA to human health problems, so plastics containing BPA are banned from being used in water bottles, so what exactly is BPA? How can we wholesale BPA-free stainless steel water bottles as a merchant?

What is BPA and What Are Its Hazards?

BPA is used to synthesize polycarbonate. In the manufacturing process of plastic products, adding BPA can make it colorless, transparent, durable, lightweight, and has outstanding impact resistance, especially to prevent acidic vegetables and fruits from eroding from the inside Metal containers are therefore widely used in the manufacture of various supplies. A growing body of research now links BPA to human health problems, including cancer, birth defects, diabetes and reduced fertility.

Ways to Reduce Exposure to BPA

As an individual, you can replace the polycarbonate containers you use at home. Try to use glass or polypropylene feeding bottles for your children’s feeding bottles, buy paper-packaged milk, and choose BPA-free water bottles when purchasing, do not put plastic containers into microwave ovens or dishwashers, because continuous high temperature may gradually decompose plastics and allow BPA to seep into food; as a businessman, in order to ensure the health of customers, we should choose BPA-free products when producing or buying wholesale. Materials, from the source to prevent customers from buying products that may be harmful to the body.

How Merchants Should Wholesale BPA-free Water Bottles?

1. Select a Manufacturer with Production Qualification

Merchants who conduct wholesales should conduct on-site inspections of manufacturers to check whether they have the corresponding production qualifications, check the production equipment in the production workshop, whether they have quality management systems, environmental management systems, production licenses, etc., and check whether the entire production process is complete. How to control the quality of the product, and select the best manufacturer through evaluation.

2. Check the Water Bottles Produced by the Manufacturer

Check the stainless steel water bottles that have been produced by the manufacturer, and check whether the plastic accessories on the stainless steel bottles, such as bottle lids, straws, handles, etc., have pungent smells, peculiar smells, and make people feel uncomfortable. The quality of the bottles may be Unqualified, and asked the factory to issue a BPA-free test report to prove that the factory can produce BPA-free water bottles.

3. Conduct Quality Inspection on the Bottles to Be Purchased

After confirming the manufacturer’s production qualification and testing the bottles produced by the manufacturer before, conduct spot checks on the bottles that are about to be wholesaled to test whether they contain BPA.

Finally, I would like to remind everyone that when purchasing, you should choose a water bottle with a good material. Whether it is a stainless steel water bottle or a plastic bottle, you should be optimistic about the logo of the material before purchasing, so as not to cause harm to the body.

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