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Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturers Explain the Spraying Process

Why does the price differ so much for different quantities of Stainless Steel Water Bottle?  How much is the cost difference between 1000 pcs and 3000 pcs?

Let’s understand the main reason for the cost difference of bottles — spraying. From the bottle production and forming to the stage of painting, we have to go through the main process of paint blending, fixing the cup to the fixture, injecting the mixed paint into the spray gun and starting painting.


After several times of dye matching, the workers will adjust the paint color into the color number selected by the customer. Then they will pour the paint into the paint bucket, and the paint can be at least one bucket, each barrel of paint can be sprayed with about 3000 pcs bottle. When the customer orders 1000 pcs,  this means that 2,000 pcs of paint will be wasted, and this cost will also be included in 1,000 pcs, which is the first stage of the price difference of bottles.

Fix the water bottle body into the fixture  

When the paint is adjusted, the worker will prepare to debug the fixture, different bottles, due to the size difference, the fixture will go through different debugging, each debugging time about two hours, which will consume part of the labor cost and time cost.

Pour the paint into the spray gun  

When the fixture is debugged, the paint debugged in the factory is added to the spray gun. In the first stage of the spray gun, due to temperature, paint entering the  pipeline and other factors, the first 20 pcs bottle entering the spray gun will have color difference and poor paint painting, which will cause the scrap of the bottle and also affect the price of the bottle.

Spraying Process

Spray the same bottle with different colors of paint  

If the customer order has more than one color, it will mean that the workers need to change the paint halfway. The workers must first pour out the remaining paint of the previous one, and then thoroughly clean and dry the spray gun and the spray gun pipe, which takes about two hours. This labor and time cost will also affect the price difference.

To sum up, if the customer’s order quantity is too small, the cost generated in the spraying process will be more, and these costs will be evenly distributed to each bottle, and the price of the bottle will be go up. I hope this article will inspire the hesitant customer friends.  

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