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Tips for Wholesale Stock Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Many customers prefer wholesale stock stainless steel water bottles, these water bottles are not only cheap, but also very fast in delivery, which can achieve fast delivery. But for the stainless steel water bottle in stock, it is necessary to ensure the quality when choosing. auland is a professional stainless steel water bottle supplier. The following is a detailed introduction to the wholesale skills.

1.The purchase of stainless steel insulation water bottle the more insulation the better

Buy stainless steel insulation water bottle is not the more insulation is better, can only say that the thermal insulation performance is excellent, but can not represent a good insulation cup, daily purchase of thermos cup should be purchased according to their own living habits and working environment, while considering the function and structure of the insulation, if only the pursuit of thermal insulation effect, it will cause in their own very thirsty need to drink water when the water temperature is too high to drink the situation.


2.The heavier the thermos cup, the better

When choosing a thermos cup, I always think that the heavy quality is good, and the light one is not good. The weight of the different water cup is only the difference between the thickness of the material, can not represent the thickness of the heavy is a good water cup, but also depends on the workmanship and performance of the water cup.

Thermo Cup

3.The bottom of the stainless steel water bottle is not marked is not a good material

Many customers have such a misunderstanding, thinking that the bottom hit the 304 mark to indicate that the water cup liner is made of 304 stainless steel, first of all, there is no authoritative agency that requires the water cup to be produced in the material must indicate the real material level, and through the processing of the way to show the material. Secondly, there is no international regulation on the identification of 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel. If you look for a few more water glasses with marked material levels, you can observe it, and you will find that the logos are different, what does this mean? It is just a means for factories to increase the selling point of their own products. That is to say, the 304 or 316 logo just now is only an act of factory processing, and it does not mean that the material is really 304 or 316. Although some bad manufacturers have 316 stainless steel at the bottom of the cup, it is only the bottom of this piece that is made of 316 stainless steel, and other parts are impersonated with 201 stainless steel. Consumers can look at each other’s material certificates and test certificates of national authoritative institutions for product quality when purchasing water cups, and do not be confused by a random logo.

4.The production of thermos cup is very simple, you can modify the mold at will, and the mold cost is very low

At the sharing meeting, many customers with similar questions were received every day. Thermos cup volume is small, the appearance looks simple but does not represent the processing and production of the insulation cup is simple, usually a unique design of the insulation cup production process is less than twenty, more or even up to sixty processes, the more work represents the more complex the production, the less likely to change the production requirements, but also that the more processes need to cooperate with the mold will be more, the higher the development cost will be. The mold cost of the thermos cup from simple to complex also ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or even millions.


Identification method:

1 .Identify from the appearance of the thermos cup.

See if the polishing of the surface of the inner and outer bladder is uniform, whether there are bumps and scratches or burrs; Second, look at whether the mouth welding is smooth and consistent, which is related to whether it feels comfortable when drinking water; Third, see whether the internal seal is tight, whether the screw plug and the cup body match; Look at the mouth of the cup, the more round the better, the immature process will appear round.

Inner 304 stainless steel

2. Tightness test

First twist the lid of the cup, see if the lid is completely consistent with the cup body, and then add boiling water (preferably boiling water) to the cup, and then turn the cup upside down for two to three minutes to see if there will be water seeping out.

Sealing Plug

3. Thermal insulation detection

Because the stainless steel vacuum insulation cup uses vacuum insulation technology, because the vacuum situation can prevent the transmission of heat to the outside world, so as to achieve the effect of heat preservation. Therefore, to detect the insulation effect of the stainless steel vacuum thermos cup, you only need to put boiling water into the cup, after two or three minutes, touch the various parts of the cup with your hand to see if it is hot, if which part is hot, the temperature will be lost from that place. It is normal for places like the mouth of the cup to have a slight fever.

4 Identification of other plastic parts

The plastics used in the thermos cup should be food-grade, this plastic has a small odor, a bright surface, no burrs, and a long service life that is not easy to age. Ordinary plastics or recycled plastics are characterized by large odor, gray and dark color, many burrs, plastics are easy to age and easy to break, and will stink after a long time. This will not only shorten the life of the thermos cup, but also pose a threat to the health of our body.

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