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The secret of 99.8% insulation performance of vacuum cup manufacturers

As we all know, the ultimate function of the thermos cup is to maintain the temperature of the stored liquid, which can keep both cold and hot.

Auland is a professional vacuum cup manufacturer. The performance of our Auland vacuum cup should be 12 hours cold and 8 hours hot.

The thermal insulation of the cup is realized through the following process.

1. Reserve insulating layer during cup design.

During the structural design of the thermos cup, there is a gap between the inner liner and the outer shell. The larger the gap, the weaker the thermal conductivity of the cup, so that the temperature of the liquid in the cup can be maintained for a long time.

2. Vacuum the insulation layer of the cup.

In order to enhance the heat preservation performance of the cup, we will vacuumize the heat preservation layer of the cup to make the vacuum between the inner liner and the shell of the cup, which weakens the heat conductivity of the cup.

3. Copper plating the inner liner of the cup.

In order to enhance the thermal insulation performance of the cup, we can coat the outer surface of the inner liner of the cup with a layer of copper. Due to the poor thermal conductivity of copper, the thermal conductivity of the inner liner of the cup after copper plating will be checked, which enables the cup to keep warm for a longer time.

4. Improve the vacuum rate of products by increasing the number of vacuum tests.

In the production process of cups, we will test the vacuum performance of cups for 2 to 4 times. Defective bottles that are not vacuum will be picked out in time. We can make the vacuum filtration of the produced cups reach more than 99.8%.

PS: The author is Allan, an expert in the water bottle industry.

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