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Why there is paint removal on wholesale vacuum flask

At present, there are so many surface treatment on wholesale vacuum flask, like paint spray, powder coating, glitter painting and UV painting etc.

For the wholesale vacuum flask, how to choose the correct surface treatmen. Maybe following will give you the answer.

1.Paint spray: there are many colors can be choosed and also can be made as pantone color. Surface is smooth and the cost is not expensive. Most clients choose it.

2.Powder coating: there are many colors can be choosed and also can be made as pantone color. Surface is grainy and cost is more expensive than paint spray, but it looks valuable and some high-end clients will choose it.

3.Glitter painting: There is glitter in the paint and grainness is stronger than powder coating. The product looks shining and beautiful.

4.UV painting: Metallic apperance, shining, suitable for high-end wholesale client.

The surface of wholesale vacuum flask looks nice, but why there is paint removal of it? I think below 3 reasons may can explain:

1)The quality of paint. Now there are so many factories can produce stainless steel bottles and in order to have high profit, some factories will use low quality paint to do the wholesale stainless steel flask. This paint has other impurity in it and when do the painting, the impurity will effect the adhesion on the bottle, that why the paint easily removal after using.

2)Not clean the surface of bottle deeply before painting. As we know, in the production of stainless steel flask, there will be dust, oil on the surface of bottle. Before painting, we need to clean the bottle carefully, or the dust or oil will effect the adhesion of paint, then the paint will remove from the bottle.

3)The temperature of dry oven after painting. In the process of each step in stainless steel flask production, the dry of painting is necessory, but how to control the temperature, low or more are both not acceptable. If low, the paint is not dry enough and will easily removable. If too high, the paint may not removable, but the color of paint will change.

Above of all, painting is very important for wholesale stainless steel flask, we need to control every step to avoid removing. Ningbo Auland specialized in drinkware for more than 10 years and has own QA & QC, insepect the production line randomly and provide good quality stainless steel flask to our clients.

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