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Guide to wholesale water bottles: characteristics of water bottle buyers around the world

Until now, three years have passed since the outbreak of the covid-19, because of the epidemic, the world economy is in recession, while inflation in countries around the world continues to rise, and the purchasing power of many countries continues to decline. Our company which is located used to be mainly in the European and American markets, so we have a good understanding of the preferences and styles of customers in the European and American markets. However, in the past two years, orders in the European and American markets have begun to decrease. I believe everyone feels this way. In order to help you expand the market, we have sorted out the characteristics of water bottles in major international markets at present, hoping to be helpful to customers who wholesale water bottles.

After so many years of water bottle production, and after many years of experience analysis in the global water bottle market operation. Chinese like to use a thermos bottle, and the most used thermos bottle is hot water. The United States likes to use thermos bottles, and the most used thermos bottles are cold drinks. The tropics like to use single-layer stainless steel water bottles, and the cold zone regions prefer double-layer stainless steel water bottles.

1. Japanese market

The Japanese market likes small, delicate water bottles with good thermal insulation performance. In this market, they have strict requirements for the use of water bottle materials. The materials used in the bottle need to be marked, and the test certificate corresponding to the requirements of the Japanese market needs to be matched, and the customs need to check when the goods are exported. The surface treatment of the bottle is more inclined to spray paint, especially hand paint.

2.European and American markets

American markets prefer rough water bottles. The German market likes simple water bottles, but the color is darker. The French market likes stylish water bottles with more colorful colors. In the past, these two markets liked high-end products, good quality, and sufficient materials. But in recent years, because of the price, they prefer cost-effective products. Because they often carry water bottles out for sports and travel, for the surface treatment of bottles, Europeans and Americans prefer spraying.

3. Chinese market

Today’s Chinese market has higher requirements for quality. Open the most popular online shopping platform in China, search for water bottles, the best selling water bottles usually have these characteristics, novel styles, color matching to attract attention, bottles also with other elements, so that the whole bottle looks younger and more fashionable. In addition to the requirements for the style, the insulation performance of the same bottle is also good.

Chinese buying water bottles prefer shape and function, European and American people buy water bottles more attention to the various food-grade certifications of water bottles. Japanese buyers need to certify materials in addition to certification. Plastic water bottle China is the first consumer country, followed by Africa. Europeans increasingly dislike plastic water bottles. Americans use plastic water bottles in different areas, and the requirements are different. Although many Americans emphasize that plastic water bottles must be BPA-free, in fact, the US market purchases tens of millions of water bottles of various plastic materials in China every year.

Ningbo Auland international trade Co.Ltd.(trading and manufacuture combination established in 2014 and located in Ningbo, China.We are a professional trader engaged in products of bottles, especially specialized in design and development manufacturing and marketing of all types of stainless steel bottles. Our company has is own design team and can design the products by ur requirements. And also we have hundreds of bottles with different design and size.

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