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What is the Difference Between the Style of Water Bottle of Specialty Store and Retail Supermarket?

With the continuous development and progress of society, people’s demand for water bottle is not limited to the function of drinking water, people have given more and more functions to water bottles, and the classification of water bottles has gradually increased, and water bottles are a necessity in daily life. There are also many ways and styles to buy, and where to buy a water bottles that meets your needs has also become a topic that can be discussed. Auland is a professional water bottle manufacturer, providing high-quality water bottles for supermarkets, specialty stores, gift promotions and other customers. Today we will introduce to you the differences between the styles of water bottles in supermarkets and specialty stores.

The Style of Retail Supermarket

Retail supermarkets are generally large in scale, and there are various product categories inside. In a retail supermarket, there are only a few choices for a product category. These choices depend on which one has the highest sales volume and which one there are promotional activities, so most of the water bottles in supermarkets are based on basic styles, which are single and basic. There are fewer choices of bottle styles for different purposes, and they will continue to be sold.

The Style of Specialty Store

Specialty stores are dedicated to providing services to specific customer groups, and they will have a wide variety of complementary products. The water bottles store only focuses on one product category, which means that his research depth in this field is unparalleled. A water glass store will launch different styles of products for different usage scenarios and purposes. For example, for sports water bottles, there will be large-capacity water bottles for indoor sports, portable water glasses for outdoor sports, small straw water glasses suitable for children. Water bottles with small portable bowls are suitable for pets, coffee cups of various styles and models, mugs and so on.

The Difference Between the Specialty Store and Retail Supermarket

Retail supermarket sell a wide variety of different types of products, while specialty stores sell a narrow range of products. That is to say, the water bottles specialty store will only sell products related to water bottles. Compared with supermarkets that sell all kinds of products, the water bottles in specialty stores will be more professional and finely crafted. The style is only the basic style. The style in the specialty store will be designed in more detail according to the use of the scene to give users a better experience. For example, in terms of children’s water bottles, some specialty stores will design mouthpieces with their own patents to make drinking more convenient for children, In terms of color printing, a color or style will be continuously sold in retail supermarkets, while monopoly The store will continue to be updated to provide consumers with more choices.

Water bottles are an indispensable daily necessities for people in daily life. From home use to takeaway, from capacity to heat preservation, there are countless bottles of different styles and different functions. I hope everyone can buy a bottle that suits them.

Finally, welcome everyone to consult Auland’s products, Auland is a professional vacuum bottle manufacturer in China, and every inspection will be strictly implemented to ensure that the best quality vacuum bottles are delivered to customers.

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