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Sublimation tumbler supplier tells you the characteristics of this tumbler

The sublimation tumbler is a very popular tumbler now. Auland has exported 100,000 pcs this year, and the sales volume has been greatly improved. Why is the sublimation tumbler so popular? As a sublimation tumbler supplier, Auland will introduce its characteristics to you today.

Thermosendation is mainly through heating to make its pigment molecules enter the medium.

Hot sublimation, vivid and layered colors, can involve details to show adjacent subtle color differences; Its dedicated ribbon contains a unique protective film that can achieve continuous color scale performance, sublimation. Peculiarity:

The transfer image is colorful and richly layered, and the effect is comparable to printing.

The difference between thermal transfer and dye sublimation:

Thermal transfer is a general term for technology, and dye sublimation is a branch of this piece.

All are the same printing process, the heat transfer printing out of the convex feeling, and the sublimation is a feeling of smoothness; Thermal transfer printing is the transfer of patterns and patterns, while the sublimation is the penetration pattern or pattern. This is the difference between two different qualities.

Thermal transfer printing is a printing process that uses thermal pressure to transfer the patterns and patterns on the thermal transfer film directly to the surface of the substrate.

Features: the production efficiency of thermal transfer printing is high, a variety of complex colors can be printed at one time, the color is bright, full, the pattern is realistic, and there is a high gloss, the pattern adhesion is good, and it is durable

Scope of application: Thermal transfer printing has been widely used in high-end toys, stationery, wood, leather, high-grade cosmetics and daily necessities to enhance the added value of products

Dye sublimation transfer printing is the use of the principle of dye sublimation, the pattern or pattern on the dye sublimation paper directly penetrates into the surface of the printed material processing and printing.

Dye sublimation development

Dye sublimation requires ink, dye sublimation ink is also known as thermal transfer ink, that is, the low-energy, easy-to-sublimate disperse dye is made into digital printing ink, printed on transfer paper, through heating, the image can be filled into exquisite porcelain, metal, silk, chemical fiber cloth and other materials in the shortest possible time, which is very suitable for personalized development of market needs and environmental protection requirements.

At present, the domestic dye sublimation market is mainly a small amount of applications such as desktop printing, but in Europe and the United States, especially in recent years, dye sublimation ink has been applied to the field of industrial production, so the market development of heat transfer printing is very fast, so the future development of dye sublimation will be the same as the development of heat transfer.

Auland is professional Sublimation Tumbler manufacturer, offering you more competitive prices and providing more profit for your business, contact us now to get free samples.

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