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The key elements of choosing stainless steel water bottle supplier

There are many stainless steel water bottle suppliers in China, and the quality of the stainless steel water bottle is also uneven. How to choose a supplier with various styles, good quality and punctual delivery, Ningbo Auland is a good choice for you.

To select an excellent water bottle supplier, the following elements should be considered:

1) Various styles.

At present, there are many styles of stainless steel water bottles in the market, but it is impossible for a factory to open all the molds of stainless steel water cups. Generally, some popular styles will be selected, but different customers and different market demands will be different. When you want to buy a style that you like very much, but your supplier doesn’t have this one, it’s hard to avoid some loss. Therefore, it is particularly important to find a supplier of almost all styles in the market. Auland, as a supplier with more than 10 years of experience in water bottles, has accumulated hundreds of styles. The mainstream stainless steel water bottles in the market can be found in Auland. Moreover, we can make different colors and processes on the stainless steel water bottle to meet the needs of customers. The common ones are painting, paint spraying, and the logo includes laser, silk screen, pad printing, heat transfer printing, air transfer printing, water transfer printing, etc. we can meet the needs of different customers.

2) Good quality.

The main production area of stainless steel bottles is in Zhejiang Province. There are various of large and small cup factories. Some of them are large, and all the processes are made by themselves, but some of them are small, and some of the processes need to be processed by outsourced factories, which makes it difficult to control the quality. Ningbo Auland, from the cutting of stainless steel pipes to the final packaging, all the processes are self-produced, and we will do random inspection after the goods finished. Therefore, the customers are satisfied with our quality and keep repeating orders.

Water Bottle Quality Control

3) Guarantee the delivery date.

When placing an order, many customers will provide a delivery time according to the shelf time or promotion time of their products. This requires the supplier to reasonably arrange the order according to the production capacity and deliver the goods on time. Otherwise, if the customer misses the shelf sales or promotion time, he will be fined or the order will be cancelled. When you choose Auland, you just need to place an order, we can make other things well to make you satisfied.

Guarantee the Delivery Date

4) Strong company strength.

Nowadays, the social situation is changing rapidly. In addition to the economic recession and inflation, many companies have broken their capital chains and collapsed. The deposits paid may be gone forever. Therefore, we must choose a strong supplier. Auland is a subsidiary of Sellers Union Group. Sellers Union Group was established in 1997 and is one of the earliest companies engaged in import and export business in Ningbo. The group has offices in Ningbo, Yiwu, Hangzhou, Shantou and Guangzhou. At present, it has established stable trade cooperation relations with more than 1500 buyers from more than 110 countries and regions around the world. It has developed into one of the largest import and export trade groups in Zhejiang Province and Ningbo.

Top 100 Enterprises in China-Sellers Union Group

Having said so much, you must have a general idea of how to select suppliers. If you don’t have a supplier right now, please choose Auland. We will not let you down.

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