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A Guide to Wholesale Water Bottles-Why Multifunctional flask become popular?

A flask of multi-purpose has become a new popular way during the drinkware industry. Almost every flask has its own unique characteristics, some are intelligent remind to drink water, take medicine, hot mouth, to solve the social problem that people do not like to drink water. Some flasks are simply designed with carabiner, it is loved by most of outdoor climbers. Generally speaking, these kind of multi-functional flasks are convenient for people, and nowadays most are focusing on the smart flask, such trend is related to the technology development. We hope this guide will be helpful to customers who do wholesale water bottles business.

Why are these multifunctional flasks become more and more popular on the market? In some certain, the improvement of economic income, the promotion of educational level, the expand of social activities, more and more people want to enjoy their life according to his way, while each individual people has his own way, people’s interests is becoming more and more widely, under this condition, people has higher requirement on the usage of the item, in addition to having safe and healthy materials, having reliable quality, they also expect the highlights of the function. Of course, consumer are still very objective, they will choose more practical functions.

We would like to recommend below two smart flasks. One is with temperature display. This smart bottle has a LED intelligent temperature display on the top of the thermos. The warmth of every moment you can see just by gently touching the top of the thermos cover, no need to worry about if the water is too hot or cold for your stomach, What’s more, the battery inside can be replaced easily, which means as long as the flask quality is good, the display can always be used.

Another type is music tumbler, this youthful and artistic tumbler has a bluetooth speaker at the bottom. With this social function, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying the drinking with several friends. And with the melody of the music, it can also emit dazzling light, if at the night, dance with the music, light. What a wonderful atmosphere!

Ningbo Auland is focusing on drinking bottles for many years, we are dedicated to produce different bottles for our customers, any inquiry please feel free to contact us, we are pleasure to get your idea.

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