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A self-introduction of stainless steel flask

A light moment. This is a stainless Steel Flask self-introduction, as a stainless steel flask wholesaler, you may want to reacquit yourself with this old friend

I’m a stainless steel insulated flask, I was born at a factory within 45 days. I’ll be decorated with different kinds of clothes. About one and half month by sea shipment, I’ll be displayed at a shop. And some day, a fat old gentleman took me to his home, I have been living there ever since.

I’m tall and thin, but I’m strong. Perhaps because the master often poured hot water into my stomach, I was very angry, people will be careful to be close with me, after all, no one want to be 100℃ boiling water on their body, especially for kids, they will be always be reminded to get away of me.

Now let me introduce you to my proud coat, it is double wall. First , it is really pretty, and make me looking more handsome. What’s more, it reflected dazzling rays of light under sunshine. Second the coat is very strong and make me safer, I remember 106 falls since I was born–66 times off the table, 25 times off the hands of my master, and 15 times when I fell asleep. But thanks for this armor, I only got a few bruised, not a life threatening injury. Talking to this problem, my neighbor’s glass fragile and cannot afford to hit, but the owner of the protection is very good, never hut. Finally this suit of armor holds heat very well.Pouring hot water into my stomach and tighten my cap, and the water temperature will be kept warm for around 12 hours. I often show off to my friend the plastic water bottle, who sometime feels a little guilty about keeping the water warm for no more than an hour.

Now, you have an basic impression about me, if you want to have a more comprehensive understanding of me, welcome to come and chat with me at my home anytime. I have a lot of sisters and brothers.

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