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What are the fees for wholesale stainless steel water bottles from China?

When wholesale stainless steel water bottles from China, the cost is not only the cost of the product and freight on the surface, but also includes a variety of other costs, such as tariff, mold fee, test fee, inland fee and so on. The real cost is more than meets the eye. Today, let’s take a look at the cost of imported stainless steel bottles.

Open mold fee

The first is the cost of molds. When you need to customize a water bottle, you usually need to open the mold. The cost of opening the mold can be high or low, including the bottle body, the inner liner, the bottle bottom and the lid. Generally speaking, the mold opening cost of the lid will be more expensive, because the lid has more parts and more complex, so it will be more expensive, and the other costs will not be too high.

Product cost

Second is the product cost, according to their own needs, choose different materials of products, and a part of the invisible price of the product price is the service cost of foreign trade companies. The product will have some price differences due to the design, material, packaging and so on.

Sample freight

In terms of providing samples, most suppliers provide free samples, while some charge a fee, but most of the costs incurred by samples come from intermediate delivery fees. From the time a product is ordered to the time it is completed, there will be some freight charges for pre-production samples, intermediate adjusted samples, test samples, and bulk samples.

Inspection fee

In addition, there is the cost of testing the bottle, for stainless steel water bottle for the most conventional tests are LFGB and FDA, other depending on individual requirements. Although a quality inspector can test functions and check weight, dimensions and other physical characteristics, he cannot analyze product chemistry and substance content. In order to verify that your product complies with legal acts and directives for regulating substances, samples must be sent to the laboratory. In fact, third-party testing is sometimes mandatory. Laboratory fees vary according to the quantity and standard of different products, and each project needs to be adhered to.

Storage charges

During or at the end of mass production, inspectors will be arranged to inspect the goods at the factory to check whether the products meet the requirements of the contract. Inspection fees will be incurred at this time. When the goods are delayed by some problems, certain storage charges will be incurred.

Transportation costs

Then, moving products from the factory floor to your warehouse involves a number of costs, including: shipping to the loading port (China), export customs clearance, freight (port to port), document delivery (bill of lading, packing list and commercial invoice), local charges at the port of destination (unloading and administration), inland shipping.

Import tariffs

Finally, there are tariffs. Imports from China are subject to import tariffs in most cases. Tariffs vary by product and market. The same is true for customs values, where customs duties and other taxes are calculated.

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