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Purchasing Notice: how bad stainless steel water bottles factory reduces production costs

The production cost of stainless steel water bottles mainly consists of two parts, one is the cost of materials, and the other is the cost of processing. The bad stainless steel water bottle factory reduces material costs by using the following methods.Hope to be helpful to customers who wholesale stainless steel water bottles.

1. Use stainless steel materials that do not meet food-grade standards to reduce costs. This material will contain harmful substances, and cups made of this stainless steel material will be harmful to people’s health.

In addition, poor water bottle factories will use thinner stainless steel pipes to reduce the amount of materials used to reduce costs, which will reduce the strength of the bottles.

2. Use inferior paint, inferior paint material can reduce the cost, but this material will reduce the fastness of the paint and the durability of the paint.

The bad drinking bottle factory reduces production costs by using the following methods.

1. Reduce the temperature of spray paint baking and shorten the baking time of spray paint cups, which has achieved increased output, doing so will reduce the fastness of the cup paint and the durability of the paint.

2. Reduce the number of vacuum tests of the cups. The vacuum flask usually needs to undergo 3-4 times of vacuum tests during the production process. This test can pick out the bad cups that are not vacuumized. If the number of tests is reduced, the cups cannot be guaranteed. vacuum rate.

Our stainless steel water bottles from Auland are always produced using sufficient quality materials and ensuring that all processes are carried out.

If you have a need to wholesale stainless steel water botltes, or have a problem with the production of water bottles, please feel free to contact Auland, we are a professional water bottle manufacturer

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