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Passionate November- Quality Expansion Activity of Auland

In Nov.2019, our company held a quality expansion activity in XinChang to achieve the goals of enhancing relations among employees, promoting their team spirit, and motivating their enthusiasm for work and life.

We organized meaningful games and activities, each of them needed our employees to work together. Through share out the work and cooperating with one another clearly, team members have the ability to deal with problems more quickly.

Wonderful Moments

You have my back.

The person in front lies on the next person’s leg until a circle is formed. They need support for several seconds.

Passing Balls

4 to 6 persons in a group, need to pass balls from the first pipe to the destination. Team members have to run as fast as they can to build the next road of balls. Otherwise, the balls will fall on the ground.

We select and award the best team and individuals in this quality expansion activity.

The success of each teammate in the expansion task is closely related to everyone’s efforts and their high trust in the team. In practice, the company’s performance can not rise without the active participation of all staff. Through this activity, employees can learn how to take the initiative to shoulder responsibilities and tasks well in future work.

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