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Gym custom sports bottle notes

What should be paid attention to if the gym wants to customize the water bottle? Here are five tips from Auland.

1. Customize as required.

Gym custom sports bottle is mainly seen in the gym sports people’s needs. After exercise, people need a lot of water, so the capacity of the water bottle must be large enough.Before and after exercise, some people don’t like to carry too much and may just take a water bottle to the gym, so it is best to have a handle, can be hung on the backpack or suitable for hand holding type. There is also a dumbbell shaped water bottle that can be directly used for exercise after filling with water. This interesting functional water bottle can also be considered as a customized one.

2. Consider seasonality

If you’re making a custom summer bottle, it’s best to make one made of plastic or a material that holds ice water easily. And other seasons, especially winter bottles, it is best to customize thermos. Summer bottles can be made to hold more water than spring and winter ones because the body needs more water in summer.

3. Consider functionality, utility and quality

To judge the quality of a water bottle, its functionality, practicality and quality must be put in the first place, especially for the sports crowd in the gym, the appearance of the design is second. In function, the bottle should be easy to switch, easy to drink. Because people often take a break to drink water in the gym, it is better to drink water bottles with a nozzle and straw or a switch lock. The body of the bottle should be designed to be easy to grasp and not easy to slip off. People will sweat a lot after exercise, and hand sweat will affect the lifting of the bottle, so some silica gel or stripes with resistance can be added to the bottle. In terms of practicality, it should be designed to be easy to carry or hang on the bag and put in the bag. And there must be no risk of leakage to avoid spills. In terms of quality, if it is plastic, you can choose tritan, if it is stainless steel, you can choose 304.

4. Customize your design

Gymnasiums can add some sports-style elements in the design, such as various ball patterns or the logo of their own stadium to increase customers’ impression on their own stadium and influence customers to exercise in the stadium subtly. Can also enable customers to buy their own venue bottles at the same time increase their venue visibility.

5. Customize based on application scenarios

If it is customized for employees, it is better to print a uniform logo and add a gift box package. If you are doing custom activities, you can customize patterns and bottle shapes according to the activity theme. If it is customized for ordinary customers, it can be customized according to the first four points and the customer’s age.

To sum up, the design of the bottle itself should not only be taken into account in the utility,function and quality, but also to consider its various application scenarios and publicity. Combined with these suggestions in the article, the purpose of customization and points needing attention in customization can be clearly defined.

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