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Top 10 water bottle brands in the world

Water bottle is one of the common and commonly used daily necessities, whether in China or abroad, water cup is almost everyone must have a kind of utensils. I believe that users have used water bottles in their lives, with the development of the economy, water bottles have also undergone some changes, in today’s market, common water bottle types have a very variety of styles, diverse styles, complex patterns. So what are the world’s well-known water bottle brands? Today, Auland, the water bottles manufacturer, will introduce it to you in detail.


Since its establishment in 1923, Tiger has always been committed to applying advanced technology to new products. to guide new social lifestyles. We started with the production of hot water bottles and developed into other household appliances such as rice cookers/insulated pots, kitchen supplies, storage supplies, etc. Our kitchen supplies, storage supplies, etc. have been loved by the majority of consumers, and the variety of goods has also developed into family home supplies and outdoor daily necessities. Over the years, the company’s product quality management has been steadily improved step by step from quality investigation and improvement of the modernization level of the management factory. Tiger products are widely known for their excellent quality and have been loved by consumers. Tiger is a Japanese company that mainly produces small household appliances and daily necessities.

Source: TIGER

2.Thermos brand

Founded in 1904 in Berlin, Germany, Thermos brand is a world-renowned insulation container brand, a hundred years of efforts to create and transmit a simple and long warm taste, with its unique vacuum insulation technology, to save time, energy saving, environmental protection of the new concept. So far, Thermos products have entered all aspects of global family life, covering a full range of products including thermos cups, lunch boxes, vacuum stew pots, five-layer composite gold pots, ice bottles, stew pots, insulated teapots and so on.

Source: Thermos


Founded in 2000, TOMIC is specifically developed and designed for Chinese cooking habits and food culture. It not only maintains the functional design of European food culture, but also integrates the shape of pots and pans and heat control required by Chinese cooking and stir-frying, and perfectly combines Chinese and Western cooking techniques and habits. TOMIC has been committed to advocating healthy food culture in the world, advocating the concept of happy quality life and energy saving and environmental protection, saving time and energy saving and pleasant gastronomic cooking experience, so that consumers have a stylish kitchen and healthy life, while TOMIC has reached cooperation with international excellent brands (Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz, IBM, Apple, Van Gogh History Museum, Royal Design Institute, Shanghai Jockey Club, etc.) to become its strategic partner.

Source: TOMIC


Tupperware Brands Corporation, a manufacturer of plastic preservation containers, headquartered in the United States. At present, Tupperware has more than 70 branches around the world, and has branches in 15 countries such as the United States, France, Australia, Japan, South Korea and China. Founded in December 1995 as a wholly American-owned enterprise, Tupperware China opened at the end of 19926 and the factory has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification of Lloyd’s Register.

Source: Tupperware


Anhui Fuguang Industrial Co., Ltd. (formerly Anhui Fuguang Plastic Co., Ltd.), located in Sanhe, a national AAAA scenic spot in Hefei, China Science and Education City, was founded in 1984. Originally named Feixi Sanhe Plastic Parts Factory, it was renamed Hefei Sanhe Fuguang Plastic Co., Ltd. in 1993 and officially renamed Anhui Fuguang Plastic Co., Ltd. in 1998. In December 2007, the company changed its name to Anhui Fuguang Industrial Co., Ltd. The company successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification in March 2003, and obtained the right to operate independently in import and export trade in December of the same year. According to the requirements of the market access system of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, Fuguang plastic mouth cups and safety helmet products have passed the “QS” quality and safety certification, and obtained the “National Industrial Product Production License” issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine.

Source: Fuguang


The Zoji printing company was founded in 1918 as Ichikawa Brothers Trading Company, and later renamed Kyowa Manufacturing in 1948, and in 1961, the company name was changed to ZO Printing Jirushi Corporation, and the company’s trademark, a baby elephant, was also established. Zojirushi / ZO JIRUSHI Zojirushi Zojirushi Mahōbin Kabushiki co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and seller of high-quality consumer electrical appliances in Japan, including rice cookers, electrical water bottles, and vacuum water bottles. It also has branches in Korea, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and North America. Zojigin is listed on the Osaka Stock Exchange, but not on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Source: Zoji


Lekuo entered the Chinese market from July 2004, and soon became a crisper box brand trusted and loved by Chinese consumers, and in August 2006, in the fourth China market brand user satisfaction survey household products, won the title of “the first brand of user satisfaction in China’s crisp box market”. In May 2007, Lekou Won the title of “Athlete Special Preservation Box of the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports”. And with a number of manufacturers to cooperate, such as: Good Gifts, etc., the development of a number of brands, the company’s brand product series: ordinary type, high-grade, portable, easy buckle, ice buckle, dole buckle, Glass, special instrument, Baina box, vacuum compression bag, insulation and cold insulation series products.

Source: Lekou


Zhejiang Haers Vacuum Vessel Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production and sales of daily stainless steel vacuum insulation vessels, the main products include insulation cups, thermos bottles, insulation pots, insulated lunch boxes, stew pots and other stainless steel vacuum insulation utensils and some stainless steel non-vacuum utensils. Hals Industry and Trade, the predecessor of the company, was established in May 1996, and since September 2001, the company has always focused on the research and development, design, production and sales of stainless steel vacuum insulation vessels. After years of development, the company has become one of the most influential professional stainless steel vacuum insulation vessel manufacturers in China, compared with domestic enterprises in the same industry, it has the advantages of large production and marketing scale, leading production and manufacturing technology, outstanding R & D and design capabilities, and wide coverage of domestic marketing network. According to the statistics of China Daily Miscellaneous Goods Industry Association, in 2008 and 2009, the company ranked second in the sales revenue of domestic production enterprises in China’s stainless steel vacuum insulation ware industry for two consecutive years.

Source: Haers


HEENOOR brand now has three manufacturing enterprises: Shanghai Sino Household Products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Jiahuan Daily Products Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Sino Industrial Co., Ltd. The company integrates design and development, manufacturing and marketing, mainly producing stainless steel, plastic and glass three series of products, products involving vacuum utensils, insulation containers, sealed containers, household appliances, kitchen and bathroom supplies and other fields, products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other more than 20 countries and regions.



Guangdong Sibao Stainless Steel Products Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce stainless steel insulation magnetized cups, and was transformed into a professional manufacturer of stainless steel vacuum vessels in 1999. Sibao trademark was recognized as “China Well-known Trademark” according to law. The enterprise has passed ISO 9001 international quality management system certification and ISO14000 environmental management system certification. The company has 20,000 square meters of plant and more than 400 sets of production equipment, including the most advanced vacuum vessel extraction equipment, and equipped with CNC lathes, CNC wire cutting machine tools and milling machines and other advanced equipment. The company is active in a market-oriented, hard-working team.

Source: Sibao

The use of water glasses can be seen in family life, in restaurants, cafes, restaurants or hotels. Many couples or friends will also give water bottles when they give gifts, which means that the relationship is a lifetime. The biggest role of the water bottle is to hold liquid substances, such as water, tea, drinks and so on. The above introduces the world’s famous water bottle brands, which are the world’s forefront in terms of sales volume and production process.

Auland is a professional water bottle manufacturer, providing you with customized water bottle of different materials, logos and styles. If you want to build your own water bottle brand, please contact Auland, we can provide all-round customized services.

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