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How To Open A Water Bottle Store?

Auland meets a lot of sellers who are planning to open a water bottle store, some of whom are not quite sure what they want to do.Today we are going to discuss how to open a good bottle store.

First of all, before opening a bottle shop, we should first understand the types of bottles. The bottles can be divided into plastic bottles, stainless steel water bottles, glass bottles, aluminum cups, silicone bottles, ceramic cups and so on. According to the type of scene, and can be divided into household bottles, sports bottles, travel bottles and so on.

Second, we have to know about the printing process of water bottle, usually on the metal material such as stainless steel water bottle and aluminium bottle, on bottle body printing, it have heat transfer printing, water transfer printing, paint dye printing, electroplating, silk printing, thermal sublimation, plastic spraying process, such as in glass and ceramic cup, is usually a baking process, but these surface printing process shows the effect is different, the price is also far more, Therefore, if you want to open a bottle store, you need to distinguish the price ladder according to the process and material, combined with the cost of the product. You can take into account different printing processes, different product materials, and even different product packaging.

Then, this paper introduces the bottle related knowledge, we can have a roughly affecting factors of bottle price, the next is to select a product, that has implications for the cost of the product, how to get a good supply channels, and it has a great influence on the store operations, we need to consider the supply of goods mainly concentrated area, the quality of the goods, For other cooperative brands of the source seller and different types of bottles in the same water bottles supplier, you may get different prices, which are not the ultimate cost performance ratio. Therefore, the source should be updated in time according to the market.

Shops location location is also very important, in addition to consider traffic, also need to consider consumer crowd, because of the different consumer groups, can accept the price interval is different, have to accept the cup style is also different, according to consumer groups, children, adults, men, women, travel, etc to select people, Different locations may correspond to different consumer groups. For example, for children, their favorite bottles are mostly cartoon patterns and small sizes. For women, most of them like dazzling bottles in warm colors.

Of course, choose the right store location, determine the corresponding consumer groups, we also need to consider the water bottle is color and size of the bottle, water bottle put is also very important, different areas including color, comfortable experience for customers, because a bottle store, affirmation is a variety of styles, hundreds of thousands of bottles, so for different bottle type, different color, The location of bottles of different sizes should be planned in a unified way, rather than disorganized. The placement of bottles should be considered comprehensively according to the height, color and price of bottles, which can not only make customers’ eyes shine, but also attract customers’ desire to see other products in the store.

Above all, want to want to open a bottles store, the product itself is a major, we should choose to apply and follow the market trend, pay more attention to the market trend, we first make predictions, choose the more popular innovation bottle type, to bottle store has a good development, we must make the right as the market anticipation.

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