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2021 Annual Meeting of Auland with all the staff

On Jan.21, 2022, our company held the Annual Meeting and New Year’s Banquet of 2021 in Ximon International Hotel.

At the meeting, Josh Xu, our General Manager made a summary of the whole year’s work, including the development of new customers, the volume of all customers, the amount and quantity of shipment, and the comparative analysis with the data of previous years. Fortunately, our company grew in a straight line in 2021 and will continue to do so.

Representatives of business colleagues make an annual summary report.

Outstanding Employee of the Year awards.

New Year greetings and New Year wishes from Rainbow Wang, vice president of Sellers Union Group.

After the meeting, Patrick Xu, president of Sellers Union Group and many group leaders attended the evening party with all the staff of Auland, and emphasized the value of our group.

Group Values

God helps those who help themselves

Constantly improve yourself to achieve progress

Resource sharing and helping each other

Collective intelligence

Be prepared for danger in times of safety

Knowledge and action should go hand in hand

Clean, honest, and self-disciplined

Help others and achieve yourself

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