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Recommended by the water bottle manufacturer: how do freshmen buy water bottles?

Freshmen who have just arrived in a new environment have undergone long-term intensive study in order to enter the university of their choice. Psychologically speaking, the sudden reduction of pressure will make freshmen more excited and full of curiosity about their future life. The performance of most freshmen unified, social, sports, excursions, etc., in addition to learning, all kinds of activities are full of freshman life. At the same time, do you all know what will be arranged by all colleges and universities in the first half to one month before the new students enter the school? Welcome everyone to leave a message and share. Although most freshmen’s families are now in good conditions and their material life has been greatly improved, the editor still shares with you how to buy water bottles for freshmen based on the starting point of pragmatism.

Too many activities will inevitably lead to the loss of items, so I do not recommend freshmen to buy expensive water bottles. After all, there is a phenomenon of comparison between freshmen in various colleges and universities, but I still do not recommend freshmen to buy expensive bottles. , especially the water bottles of luxury brands.

The more you participate in sports, the easier it is to cause damage to items. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that freshmen try not to buy fragile water bottles. Of course, it does not mean that they must not be bought. When you have a thorough understanding of the environment and students’ life, life will change. Now, buying a similar glass will be more durable, instead of easily breaking the glass due to the changeable environment and uncontrollable circumstances.

Freshmen will definitely find that they don’t drink water very often in their life before high school. More often, drinking water is required by their parents, but when they reach freshman, they will find that their daily water intake will increase. This is because there are many activities. It is caused by the distance between learning and life and a strong sense of freshness in real objects. Many colleges and universities are large, and students will choose bicycles from the living area to the teaching area. Otherwise, the long distance will cause the burden of life and also cause tardiness.

Therefore, according to the above situation, the editor recommends that freshmen buy water bottles like this:

  1. For the time being, don’t buy fragile water bottles mainly glass water bottles, and make a decision after you are familiar with the environment and get to know each other’s characters.
  2. It is recommended to buy two water bottles, one to carry with you and the other to be used in the dormitory. A lot of exercise and study will cause frequent drinking. There is a water cup in the dormitory that can be prepared for water at any time, and it is convenient to drink when needed.
  3. It is recommended to prepare one thermos cup and one plastic water bottle each. How to use it depends on personal living habits.
  1. It is recommended to choose a large-capacity water cup, one with a normal capacity of about 500 ml.
  2. It is recommended that the water bottles you buy should not be complicated or have too many functions, especially rich electronic functions.

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