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3 Steps to Stainless Steel Water Bottle Manufacturing

Look at your lovely warm stainless steel water bottle, do you know what steps it went through to reach you? Through this article, let’s go to the workshop of stainless steel water bottle production and see how it is produced step by step and finally comes to your hands.

Stainless steel water bottle manufacturing is divided into three parts, which are shell processing plate, inner shell processing plate, shell and inner shell assembly plate.

The first part – shell processing

The process is as follows, outer tube picking – pipe cutting – bulging – section – bulging – roll in Angle – shrink bottom – cut bottom – screed, flat top, at bottom, flat mouth, dry cleaning, inspection on pit, shell, qualified factory workers will long strips of stainless steel pipe cutting, then cut down pipe forming processing, Finally, the outermost stainless steel layer of the bottle is cleaned and dried.

shell processing

The second part – inner shell processing

The process is as follows, inner tube receiving – cutting – flat tube – bulging – rolling Angle – flat upper mouth – flat bottom mouth – rolling thread – cleaning and drying – inspection knock pit – butt welding – water test leak detection – drying – qualified inner bladder. Factory workers will be similar to the shell of the process of strip inside the circular pipe processing, but due to the inner shell is part of the contact with the water, so the internal tube more than the crust, the processing of process, also need to test welding, as well as to the rule of the tank, in case we at the time of drinking boiled water scald, directly to the drying tank inspection, And you get the final liner that we use for the water bottle.

inner shell processing

The third part – shell and inner shell assembly

The process is as follows, with bottle mouth – welding – pressing bottom – welding bottom – welding bottom – welding bottom – mid-bottom spot welding suction agent – vacuuming – temperature measurement – electrolysis – polishing – temperature measurement – inspection polishing – pressing bottom – painting – pumping detection temperature – inspection paint – printing – packaging – finished product storage. This section is welded to the tank and the shell, and then pumping air into vacuum state, has reached vacuum insulation effect, long after it is on the end of the glass production processing, grinding polishing, detect heat preservation, water bottle after these steps, the workers will be according to customer requirements, color painting, design printing, the painting is not and patterns do not conform to the requirements of the water bottle after picking out, It’s packaged, stored, and finally delivered to you.

Auland is a professional stainless steel water bottles manufacturer, to provide customers with the most cost-effective water bottle, comply with LFGB, FDA, FSC, REACH and other safety certifications. If you have wholesale and custom stainless steel water bottles, tumbler mugs, please feel free to contact us.

stainless steel water bottles

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