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China vacuum bottle supplier tell you what material of bottle lids is more popular

In our common vacuum insulation bottles, we can usually see many kinds of lids, such as the common screw seal lid, screw straw lid, screw handle lid, screw bouncing straw lid, screw temperature display lid and so on. We even classify these functional lid materials, and we can also divide them into plastic material, stainless steel material, silicone cover, and so on. A series of lids are made of glass, bamboo, wood and so on. Auland is a professional china vacuum bottle supplier, in this article, we will set aside the style and function of the lids to find out what kind of lids are more popular.

As we all know, the lid is one of the decisive factors for the insulation performance of the water bottle. A lid with good confidentiality can keep the temperature of the water longer, thus increasing the holding time and cooling time of the vacuum thermos bottle. Therefore, for vacuum insulated water bottles, the degree of people’s affection for the lid of a certain material can be reflected by the effect of the lid material on the thermal insulation or cooling performance of the bottle itself. After all, when people buy vacuum thermos bottles, they must have certain requirements for the thermal insulation or cooling performance of the water bottles, otherwise they will not buy vacuum thermos bottles.

Bamboo Lids

First of all, let’s talk about the bamboo lids. This lid is a kind of lids which are in great demand in recent years. It is influenced by the factors of bamboo material on the environment, which has the characteristics of environmental protection, no pollution, renewable and so on. One of the more popular lids.

Cork Material

Then, let’s talk about the lid of cork material, cork material characteristics are similar to bamboo material, also has the characteristics of environmental protection, at the same time, cork material visually, there is a noble temperament, can increase the grade of vacuum water bottle, let people know that it is worth a lot of money, but at the same time, cork material price is much more expensive than bamboo, so in terms of the audience, Bamboo lids are preferred over cork ones.

Plastic Lids

Secondly, let’s talk about the plastic lids. As we all know, plastic is widely used in various fields. Its low cost is one of the factors favored by many water bottle suppliers, and it is also one of the most common lids used in vacuum thermos bottles. Especially in recent years, people have gradually improved their environmental protection, which makes the use of plastic materials much worse than before. But in recent years, the birth of recyclable plastic materials makes plastic products gradually come to the public’s vision.

Stainless Steel Lids

Finally, it is to pay attention to the thermal insulation performance of stainless steel lids, as its name, even though the cost is more expensive than plastic, but for the improvement of vacuum bottle thermal insulation performance, so that stainless steel lids can still compare to plastic lids, and even in environmental performance, reusable and other aspects are far better than plastic lids.

To sum up, even if there are many different materials of the lid, but different materials have their own characteristics, they all have different audience areas, the existence is reasonable.

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