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Features of the lid for stainless steel bottles

There are plenty of stainless steel bottles types on the market, and each kind of bottle is with different lid design, which in some degrees, lid features play an important role in market sales.  As a professional stainless steel bottle supplier, we are pleased to give a detail introduction for the features of the lid, so you may have a rough idea which type of lid is match with your daily life.

1.For most sports bottles, screw lid is the most common choice, since such bottles are with widen mouth design, and with screw lid is simple, meantime, it is convenient for people to drink who do sports at gym. And considering easily carrying, we will also do the handle design, which is quite useful for people on the way. Please check below such type of lids.

2.For coffee mug or tumbler, we will design slip lid or flip over lid, please take below poster for reference. Left one is the flip over lid, which can be flip in 180°for easy drinking. The right one is slid lid, open or close by sliding the plastic sheet, it is very easy and also very suitable as car cup.

3.For outdoor stainless steel bottles, it may require multi-functional lids, such as cup lid, lid with carabiner, lid with temperature display function. Our most popular travel steel bottle is with cup lid, which also with good performance of leak proof, no worries for bag getting wet. Smart display bottle also very popular on the market, which can tell you the currently water temperature by touching the lid. We would like to recommend below type, since the battery can be replaced easily.

4.For kids bottle, we shall design the lid friendly with children, better with silicone straw in case of choking when drinking. Please note all our materials are food-grade standard, safe for kids drinking.

Above mentioned lids are most common we used for different type of bottles, and for different application. Hope it is helpful when you choosing a stainless steel bottle. If you have any customized idea, welcome to contact us. We Auland are pleased to service for you at any time.

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