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What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Different Materials for Outdoor Travel Cups?

The must-haves in outdoor travel are water cups. There are many materials of travel water cups, such as plastic, glass, and stainless steel, which is more suitable for outdoor use? What are the pros and cons of these materials? Many travel novices don’t know much about this, and even some small travel water cup wholesalers are unable to determine which kind of priority to purchase. Auland has produced outdoor travel water cups for many years and has a better understanding of user needs. Next, I will explain in detail:

Plastic water cup

Lightweight and easy to carry, but it does more harm than good. If you often fill up bottles with hot water, especially boiling water , the plastic bottle with lower melting points may release harmful substances. It can damage your health over time.Besides that, when going out, it is better not to use plastic bottles or beverages in plastic bottles, because too much plastic bottles were being discarded after one-time use, which will cause pollution to the earth.

Stainless steel insulated water cup

Stainless Steel Thermo Flask

Stainless steel water bottle will be a little bit heavy when you put it in your bag. But its heat preservation effect is better than any other materials, you can drink hot water at any time within 6-8 hours, especially in winter. When choosing a stainless steel insulation bottle, please pay attention to the materials, it is better to select food-grade materials, which are safer and better for your health.

Glass water cup


Nowadays, glass bottles are becoming more and more popular, because it has many benefits.The main reason is that the surface of glass bottle is smooth and easy to clean and it is not easy to breed bacteria and dirt. More importantly, the highest temperature of heat resistant glass is up to 1200℃,which can be used to make tea or fill up with boiled water but will not produce toxic substances.Glassware can also be seen everywhere in life, such as drinking cups,glass feeding bottles, glass bottles and so on. But glass bottle is fragile, which will be broken easily.I used to buy several glass bottles for my children, they all broke.Despite this, some people are still keen on glass water bottles,so some manufacturers are still producing glass bottles, which are both environmentally friendly and healthy.

Silicone foldable water cup

Silicone foldable water cup with heat insulation, radiation protection, high temperature up to -80 to +320 degrees, It can prevent breakage! Different from the glass, the silicone cup can be made in a variety of different colors, such as transparent, similar to transparent glass. At the same time, it can be made into brighter colors, also can be made into fluorescent cups. Coupled with the foldable function, it can also solve the storage problem very well, and it is more and more loved by consumers.

I believe that through the above introduction, you have a further understanding of different materials of travel cups, I hope to help you choose, if you want to know more about the travel cups-related information, please contact Auland. We specialize in the production of water cups for more than 10 years, high quality, competitive price, low MOQ, and free access to samples. We are a reliable cup manufacturer.

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