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How to choose the material for wholesale kids water bottles?

Wholesale kids water bottles can be affected by the following four factors. Quality of materials and whether it can be sterilized determine if the water bottle is safe or not. Pressing lids and straws are designed for children to accommodate to using water bottles. Auland is here to introduce how to choose suitable materials in details.

Plastic water bottle

Plastic water bottle and plastic kettle is the most common drinkware on the market, because plastic can be made in various shapes to attract children’s attention and is also uneasy to be broken.When baby is playing, he or she may knock the bottles over. So, parents often choose plastic water bottles for children to protect both children and bottles.However, plastic water bottles will produce harmful substances when filling hot water into it, which is not good for babies’ health.

650mL Steel Bottom Heat Transfer Printing Plastic Bottle

Glass bottle

Glass bottle is much suitable for children, because its surface is transparent,which is not easy to hide dirt and easy to clean. Although glass bottle do not contain any chemical toxic substances, parents don’t want to buy it for its fragility. Kids in low age are very naughty, they may get hurt when they hold a bottle filled with hot water. Though many glass bottles is covered with silicone to reach the purpose of heat insulation, it will burst when the temperature of water is too high.

500ml Single Wall Drinking Bottle With Printing Cover

Stainless steel material

Stainless steel material is usually used for making vacuum bottles or thermal insulation kettles for its great performance of heat insulation and shape preserving. Stainless steel material overcomes the drawbacks of other materials and develops its own advantages. Many parents saw the excellent quality of this material and bought stainless steel water bottles for their children.

320mL Stainless Steel Heat Transfer Vacuum Bottle

Safety is the most important factor when clients do wholesales,which have the same goal of Auland. Our drinkware are in line with European testing standards. For more information, please contact us.

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