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Reliable water bottle manufacturers always put standard in top priority

From purchasing raw materials to final products, there are many steps both in procurement and production. In production, the process is much complex ,because different products always differ in designs.Especially stainless steel bottles, there are more than 40 processes from production to its completion. When producing water bottles, any wrong step or process may affect the bottles’ end quality. We need to make strict and unified standards, which is the key point of producing high quality drinkware.

Many clients or customers may found that water bottles in some drinkware factories and brands are always in superior quality and their quality is always the same when buying or wholesaling water bottles. How these companies and brands did this? To do that, except establishing preferable management system in inner-enterprise, companies must put standard setting and standard execution first in products production.

And material procurement, mould making, production and quality inspection must follow one standard to implement and all positions must try their best to achieve the highest standard. Only in this way, can we uniform the standards in mass production, have a better cohesion and cooperation in production and reduce problems while improve the production efficiency but lower the cost of production.

If all the above processes are not in one standard, the final effect of mass production must be significantly different from the actual approved samples and the quality also cannot be guaranteed.

In the process of producing water bottles, Auland always carries out strict standards to ensure that the mass production effect of each bottle is consistent with the samples confirmed by customers, which is also the key for us to gain customers’ trust.

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