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Which LOGO printing method to choose for custom stainless steel vacuum flask?

Increasing numbers of clients have the demands of custom stainless steel vacuum flask. Among all the customization parts, the need for LOGO customization is highest.Logo is usually showed by different printed ways, which will lead great differences in effectiveness. Auland has concluded several printed ways through serving numerous clients with LOGO customization of stainless steel bottles,specific as below.

Heat transfer printing

Heat transfer printing: heat transfer printing is to print the LOGO on the copper plate, and then use the heat transfer printing machine to print the pattern on stainless steel bottles. In this way, the LOGO printed on the thermos bottle has the characteristics of better reconstruction of image, which can meet the needs of customers for LOGO customization.Heat transfer printing is widely used in mass production because of its high efficiency.

Heat transfer printing

Laser marking

Laser marking: laser marking is to use high energy laser to make partial irradiation on workpiece, so that the surface material will be vaporized or its color will create a chemical reaction to reach the purpose of leaving marks permanently. Laser marking can be accurate to micron dimension, which has significant meanings for stainless steel bottle brands to protect their trademarks, but laser marking will increase the cost of customization at the same time.

Laser marking

Silk printing

Silk printing: Silk printing is to print through scraper, transfer image-text part on substrate with ink as the medium to form a same pattern. Silk printing is characterized by simple operation and low cost ,but it will produce waste water, waste rags and other pollutants in the production process, which is not conducive to environmental protection.

Silk printing

Combined with the characteristics of the three LOGO printing methods, each printing method can meet different customers’ needs.Customers who have the demands of customizing large amount of stainless steel water bottles can choose heat transfer printing. Clients who appreciate brand protection and have enough budget can print LOGO by laser marking.Silk printing is much suitable for those customers who want to lower the costs.

With the continuous innovation and development of technology, there are now some other LOGO printing methods, such as 3D printing, pad printing, etc.,It is fine to choose a LOGO printing method which suits yourself best.

Through the above introduction, you may have a general understanding of the printing way of LOGO customization. If you need to customize the stainless steel thermos bottles, please contact Auland, we will provide you with more professional customized service.

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