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5 Steps to the thermos bottle spray painting process

Spray painting of thermos cup is an important step in thermos bottle processing. The spray painting effect is affected by the following factors.

1. Different paint effects

At present, there are many painting effects in the market. The most popular ones are matte paint, bright paint, plastic powder paint and fluorescent paint.

2. Quality of paint

There are many paints of different quality in the market, which contain different additives. In addition, the proportion of various additives is also different. We use high-quality paints, which can provide consumers with BPA Free paints.

3. Whether the surface of the thermos cup is polished carefully

In order to make the painting uniform, the surface of the stainless steel thermos bottle needs to be painted carefully enough. In order to make the stainless steel surface delicate enough, the cup needs to be polished several times. The materials polished by colleagues need to use fine materials.

4. Spray gun control during painting

In order to make the cup spray paint evenly, the spray time of the spray gun should be moderate. If the spray time is too short, the paint will be too thin and the color will be too light to cover the color of stainless steel. If the spray time is too long and the spray paint is too thick, bubbles will appear after the paint solidifies after baking.

5. Influence of paint baking temperature and time on paint fastness

After the cup is painted, it needs to enter the drying channel for baking. The temperature of the drying channel needs to be controlled properly. If the baking problem is too low, the paint cannot be firmly painted. If the baking temperature is too high, the paint will be too brittle and easy to break after touching. In addition, if the baking temperature is not enough, the paint will not be firm. If the baking time is too long, the paint will be too brittle.

Auland is a professional water bottle manufacturer. Every production process adopts strict standards to ensure the excellent quality of each bottle. If you have the demand of wholesale and customization of water bottles, please contact us.

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