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Demystifying the polishing process of Auland stainless steel water bottles

Stainless steel water bottle is made of stainless steel tube by processing and shaping. There are impurities and scrap iron on the surface of stainless steel pipe, or the scrap iron on the machine adheres to the surface of stainless steel pipe during the processing of stainless steel pipe. Stainless steel polishing is required during the processing of stainless steel pipes.

Today, we will reveal the polishing process of stainless steel water bottles manufacturer-Auland. Stainless steel polishing is generally divided into three steps.

Step 1: initial polishing of stainless steel

Rough polishing of stainless steel is to polish the surface of stainless steel with abrasive belt. The fineness of stainless steel abrasive belt is generally 120d or 180d. Ordinary cups are usually polished with 120d abrasive belt. If you need a thermos cup with better polishing effect, you need to polish with 180d abrasive belt. This step is mainly to polish the welds on the surface of the stainless steel pipe and polish the whole cup for the first time.

Step 2: secondary polishing of stainless steel

The stainless steel is polished twice with a more detailed sand belt, and the stainless steel surface is polished more carefully through the secondary polishing.

Step 3: three times polishing of stainless steel

Use the same sand belt as the second polishing to polish again. After polishing, the surface of the cup will become smooth and fine.Polishing is divided into sand surface polishing and mirror surface polishing.

Sand surface polishing is a common polishing method for most cups that need painting. The polished cup can make the paint more firmly attached to the cup surface. The finer the polishing, the more shiny the paint on the surface of the cup after painting, and the less obvious the polishing lines.

Mirror polishing is a special polishing method all the time. This surface treatment method requires the fourth polishing of the cup. After this polishing, the surface of the cup will be brighter, just like a mirror. However, the cost of this polishing method is higher, which is more than 3 times of the cost of ordinary sand surface polishing.

Polishing is the basis of cup surface treatment. The quality of polishing process directly determines the beauty and firmness of painting.

Auland is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel drinking bottles, strictly controlling every production link to provide customers with higher quality and better prices.

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