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Why do stainless steel water bottles need to be sprayed with primer before printing patterns?

This question comes from a customer’s message. His problem is that some of the multiple thermos bottles he bought will gradually peel off when the surface pattern is washed, but some will not. So he wants to know what causes this. This reason is mainly stainless steel water bottles surface printing pattern do not spray a layer of primer. Today Auland’s editor explain specifically what the role of spray primer is, and hope that it will be helpful to customers who are ready to wholesale stainless steel water bottles.

In the stainless steel water bottles surface printing pattern is required to spray a layer of white primer. There are two reasons for this. On the one hand, it is for the authenticity of the packaging pattern color. If the surface of the stainless steel water bottles are not sprayed with paint, it takes on a silver gray metallic sheen. Furthermore, friends who have some understanding of the printing process are aware that if the printing color saturation is guaranteed to be the original color must be printed on white. And any color other than white as the background color will cause the printing pattern bias. If we print directly on the surface of the stainless steel water bottles without spraying, the printed pattern will be obviously dark.

On the other hand, it is to make the pattern more solid, so that the pattern will not fall off when washing as mentioned in the message of the customer. Printing on the primer has special requirements for the ink, more ink will match the primer. Therefore, after printing not only the color reproduction can reach the optimum effect, but also the adhesion between the pattern and the paint can reach the optimal state.

Conversely, If the primer and ink do not match, the pattern on the surface of the stainless steel water bottles will appear to be easily peeled off. Some factories in order to avoid the phenomenon of mismatch (After all, if we want to match each time, we will not only test the material continuously, but also need to pay a lot of cost), they will print patterns on the surface of the water bottles and then spray varnish process. Through high temperature baking, the pattern is equal to printing in the inner layer will not be in contact with water, detergents and so on, the surface of the varnish plays a protective role.

Auland is a professional manufacturer of stainless steel water bottles. We strictly control the quality of water bottles and do every process to produce the best quality products for our customers. If you have a need for wholesale stainless steel water bottles, please contact us and we will provide free samples.

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