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Some tips for wholesale stainless steel insulated coffee mug

The stainless steel coffee mug is more for the convenience of making coffee in the case of drinking coffee, such as outdoor sports, or for environmental friendly reason, people choose to bring their own coffee mug instead of using disposable paper cups in the coffee shops, which is popular in Europe and the United States. Here we want to make some tips for you when wholesale stainless steel insulated coffee mugs.

4 tips for wholesale stainless steel coffee mug

  1. Sealing: Normally people will put coffee mug in the car holder, some people will take it into backpack. Therefore it is better not sprinkled, coffee mug with a click lid will be much safer.
  2. Portable: It is very important to choose suitable size of the coffee mug, from another angle, the capacity is the key, the ideal capacity for travel is 350ml, but larger capacity of 450ml-550ml will give people a sense of security and satisfaction,
  3. Keep hot/cold: Usually stainless steel insulated coffee mug will keep hot for 6 hours, keep cold for 12 hours, while for drinking coffee, it is enough if the coffee temperature will remain above 55 degree after 2 hours.
  4. Fantastic outlook design: besides above point, an excellent outlook design will attract people and decide to buy it. It refers to the whole shape, lid design, color choosing and printing design.

In summary, a cup of hot coffee with full energy will not only kick off you a new day, but also allow you to enjoy coffee time when using a favorite coffee mug.

4 Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs are recommended

We would like to recommend below four types of stainless steel insulated coffee mugs.

This coffee mug is opened at one click, such lid design shall be the best choice for people who like put the coffee mug in the bag when travel or hiking at outdoor. What’s more its size is suitable to portable, easy to grip.

This coffee cup is typical for office people, when you are tired of work, enjoy the coffee time would be better using this cup, small but easy to handle, nice looking.

This coffee mug is special with the detachable inner blade, which can be easily cleaning for people, also suitable for office people.

This thermal cup with good design for its silicone sleeve, also the cup lid will not allow coffee sparkled when you take it at hand, very popular on the European market.

Auland is a professional stainless steel coffee mug manufacturer. The inner layer is made of 304 stainless steel and the outer layer is made of 201 stainless steel. All products are free-bpa and meet European and American standards. Welcome to contact us for inquiry.

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