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How do Chinese Water bottle manufacturers automate production

At this stage, we have understood the production, process, sales and other aspects of the knowledge of the water bottle, today’s article let us understand the current Chinese water bottle manufacturers in the water bottle industry is how to achieve automation.

First, let’s take a look at the idea of automatic production line. Automatic production must follow the way the machine can operate and the implementation rules. For example, the operation process of product production line should be formulated by cooperating with the operation rules of the machine, and the more suitable implementation method should be found. As it stands now, the key to automation is the combination of sophisticated mechanical structures and well-conceived electronic circuits. This leaves two paths for the design of automated systems: one is to differentiate the movements of the machine to achieve the goal of reducing technical difficulty; Second, the research and development of a high degree of collection, sophisticated technology solutions.

Now many units in the world are engaged in the research of the robot’s identification system, and his own early can play a good effect of physical products, such as computer face recognition function, etc., when we can also apply this model to the water bottle production machine, but the metaphor doesn’t represent the high end results, said is equivalent to this standard. The machine that produces the water bottles has a recognition system that people often refer to as “robot eyes.” “Robot eye” is the key to solving precision control. Usually automatic machine to play to the machine and the professional ability of way similar to the human visual system, is based on to be accurate positioning or identification of the material inside the fan electricity, scanned entry, namely mechanical digital manipulation, the parameter calculation comparison, issued instructions of the check and control the machine to make corresponding action, gradually achieve the precise positioning.

First phase, with the development of science and technology, glass industry has implemented large-scale automated production, big machinery to replace manual, for more accurate production, while increasing the water bottle production, but for most of the manufacturers, the use of large-scale machine instead of manual is not what they can afford, so the production automation on the road, There is still a lot of room for growth in our water cup industry.

From the mechanical point of view, mechanical production must also achieve a high precision, to adapt to the needs of subtle movements, not to mention the need for many precise components and clever ideas to make the mechanical action process smooth and smooth to complete the specified kernel. This is why the production of the water bottle machine requires manual operation. Of course, whether mechanical or electronic production can refer to the outside mature technology, but the application of technology is often very little identical, even if it is completely copied, also need the precision of processing and some mechanical structure of the production of the necessary technology, equipment and other conditions of the branch.

Therefore, in view of the complexity of the automated production system, it needs more technical talents, and more mechanical, electronic, software engineering and other technical talents to participate. It is particularly important that the management mode and system should be conducive to the application and sustainable development of automation technology, and can fully mobilize the enthusiasm of technical forces and personnel.

To sum up, China’s water bottle industry still has a long way to go to achieve comprehensive automated production. With the maturity of science and technology and the cultivation of talents, China’s water bottle automation will enter the stage of rapid growth.

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