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Laser marking technology for customized thermos cup logo

Customized thermos cup logo is the demand of many customers. There are many ways to realize these logos and designs, including silk screen printing, laser engraving, heat transfer printing, gas printing, etc., among which laser engraving is the most solid and low-cost choice.

1.Power and paint

The relationship between the power of the marking machine and different paints. Laser marking is to burn the paint on the cup by laser, leaving traces on the water cup. This trace is the logo pattern. Before the laser marking of the water cup, there will be different painting procedures, and the thickness of different paint will indirectly affect the effect of laser marking. According to the thickness of paint, we can divide it into the following three categories:

Thickness: paint thickness affects the laser carving effect, from weak to strong, power requirements from small to large.

Original color bottle without painting, that is, the bare cup without any paint processing, requires less machine power during laser marking.

Matte painting, bright painting cup, UV plating, etc. after 1-2 courses of painting, the requirements for machine power will be higher than the light cup.

Rubber paint and plastic sprayed water cups. These two types of water cups have high requirements for laser marking machines and require higher power.

The paint thickness of the above three kinds of water cups is from weak to strong, and the power requirements of the machine are also from small to large.

2. Scope of laser marking

Because the water cup presents an arc as a whole, it will be affected by the arc during laser marking, and the logo will be different in depth. The curvature of the water cup body determines the accuracy of marking. The larger the curvature, the smaller the logo, and the more accurate the pattern. Otherwise, it is likely to happen that the logo has been marked in the middle, but the two sides have not been thoroughly marked.

3. Implementation method of complex laser logo carving

Laser marking can fill the bottle with logo patterns with the help of the movement and rotation of auxiliary equipment.

4. Location

It is recommended that customers mark the position on the plane as much as possible, so as to maintain the integrity and flatness of the logo pattern.

Ningbo Auland, can help customer to fulfill all the design by laser mark, and lead time within 3 days. All the laser process can be feedback to our customer by video and picture.

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