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Glass water bottles wholesale guide: how to pack and transport

Packaging and shipping when wholesale Glass water bottles are a concern for many wholesalers, because Glass bottles are fragile products, and the cups may be damaged if they are not packaged properly. In order to keep the Glass bottle intact, how should it be packaged and transported? Auland explains to you:

Packaging and shipping of glass water bottles
  1. It is generally recommended to use bubble film to wrap the cup around, and it must be tightly
  2. Then use tape to seal it round and round (there is damage in the logistics). At this time, the tape cannot be saved
  3. Put the wrapped cup into the carton, and then use crushed foam or bubble wrap to fill the carton tightly.
  4. Seal the carton with tape.

In addition to the above packaging methods, a special shock-proof and anti-collision inner tray can also be customized. The EPE shock-proof packaging material is an ideal substitute for traditional packaging materials. It has the characteristics of shock-proof, anti-drop, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and recyclable. Using the cup holder made of EPE can make the cup embedded in it. Compared with the use of bubble film packaging, it eliminates the need for wrapping bubble film, wrapping tape and other processes, and also saves a lot of tape. In the carton, put the cup into the EPE, cover it with the cover, and seal the carton, which simplifies the packaging process to a certain extent and improves the efficiency.

Packaging and shipping of glass water bottles

Secondly, it should be handled with care, and it is strictly forbidden to drop and throw. When loading, try to place it vertically and fasten it. It can be placed vertically or horizontally during storage, but attention should be paid to the stacking height to prevent fracturing and collapse. Glass products use cardboard and foam pads to ensure that they are firmly fixed, otherwise they will be easily damaged during transportation.

Auland adopts strict packaging for wholesale glass water bottle orders to ensure product safety and give customers a good experience.

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