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How to correctly use the stainless steel water bottle and the care of stainless steel water bottle

Stainless steel water bottle are now very common as utensils for daily use. The material of the general Stainless steel water bottle is 304 inside and 201 outside, some are 304 inside and outside, and the better material is 316 inside and 304 outside. How to protect the water bottle in the process of using the Stainless steel water bottle to make it more durable, stainless steel water bottle manufacturer introduces you in detail.

1. The outer layer of the Stainless steel water bottle is generally made of 201 stainless steel. This kind of stainless steel has poor corrosion resistance. If it is in contact with water for a long time under certain conditions, it will rust. Please pay attention to the following matters:

1) Stainless steel water bottles are not recommended for carbonated beverages such as coffee, milk, tea and cola. These beverages will destroy the electrolytic layer of the inner tank of the Stainless steel water bottle. If the electrolytic layer of these liquid water bottles is destroyed for a long time, rust will appear Case.

2) After using the Stainless steel water bottle, if there is some liquid left on the mouth of the cup, it is recommended to wipe it clean, so as to increase the chance of rusting.

3) When choosing a water bottle, we try to choose a Stainless steel water bottle with a painted shell, because the paint can isolate the liquid from the stainless steel and avoid rust.

2. How to protect the Stainless steel water bottle during use.

1) Since the paint on the surface of the water bottle will be worn after long-term use, we recommend adding a silicone sleeve to the bottom of the water bottle, or putting a cloth cover on the bottle to protect the bottle.

2) If the inner liner of the cup or the mouth of the cup has rust after long-term use, we can use citric acid to remove the rust, which can increase the service life of the cup.

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