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Quality Control Measures for China Water Bottle Manufacturers

In the water cup trade, the inspection standard is the basic basis for the commodity inspection agency to carry out the inspection of the water cup. In international water cup sales contracts, even if the same water cup is tested, the inspection results are often very different.

Therefore, when signing a sales contract with China Water Bottle Manufacturers, in addition to stipulating the time and place of inspection, the inspection agency and the inspection certificate, the parties to the transaction often need to clarify the standards on which the inspection is based.

The specific content of the inspection standards depends on the type and characteristics of the goods and the relevant laws or administrative regulations of the importing and exporting countries. By working with China Water Bottle Manufacturers, you can ensure that your water bottles are manufactured to the highest standards and meet all necessary regulations for import and export.

In the international water cup trading, the standards of commodities can be summarized into the following three categories:

Legally binding standards agreed upon by the buyer and seller

Legally binding standards agreed upon by buyers and sellers are commonly used in international cup trading, the most common of which are sales contracts and letters of credit.

Enforcement laws and regulations formulated by countries involved in the trade

The mandatory laws and standards formulated by countries involved in trade mainly refer to the laws and standards formulated by the countries of production, export, import, consumption or transit of water cups, such as the origin standards of goods, safety regulations and standards, health regulations and standards, environmental protection regulations and standards, and animal and plant quarantine laws and standards.

Authoritative standards

Authoritative standards refer to internationally authoritative test standards, including international professional organization standards, regional standardization organization standards and authoritative standards of a country.

Standards of international professional organizations

International professional organization standards refer to the standards developed by organizations such as the International Organization for Standardization, the International Electrotechnical Commission, the International Bureau of Weights and Measures, the International Maritime Organization, the Food Code Committee, the International Civil Aviation Organization, the International Legal Metrology Organization, the International Wool Bureau, the International Rubber Association and other organizations.

In order to promote the improvement of product quality and enterprise quality management level in all countries in the world, and better protect the rights and interests of consumers, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) on the basis of summarizing the traditional product inspection, testing and quality control work, first released the ISO9000 series of international standards for quality management and quality assurance in 1987, and in 1993, Revised and released in 2000.

Since its release, the ISO9000 series of standards have received international attention and have been widely adopted. For example, this standard is specified by the ISO conformity assessment committee as a unified standard for the quality system evaluation of commodity production enterprises in the international market; The EU has also stipulated that enterprises producing export commodities should meet the requirements of IS09000 series standards; China has also been vigorously promoting IS09000 series standards in recent years. It can be seen that the quality system review of export commodity production enterprises has become an important development trend in international trade.

Regional standardization organization standards

Regional standardization organization standards refer to the standards developed by regional organizations, such as the European Committee for Standardization, the European Electrotechnical Standards Committee, the Pan American Technical Standards Committee, etc.

Authoritative standards of a certain country

A country’s authoritative standard refers to the internationally authoritative inspection standards formulated by some countries, such as the US Food and Drug Administration standards, the US insurer laboratory safety standards, the American Association of Public Employed Analytical Chemists standards, the American Society for Testing and Materials standards, the British Pharmacopoeia, etc.

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