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Factory Profile

A Modern Water Bottle Factory

Auland focuses on manufacturing and customizing quality water bottles for the purpose of putting consumers’ health first.  Our product range includes stainless steel vacuum flask, vacuum insulated tumblers & mugs, plastic bottles, glass bottles, bamboo & Silicone bottles, etc. 

We have 6 production lines to make sure your orders are delivered within 7-30 days. We deliver your OEM orders in 7 to 35 days. Moreover, all of our products meet LFGB and SGS standards.

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Multiple Water Bottles We Manufacturing for Our Clients

cola bottle e

Double Wall Stainless Steel Cola Bottle

Inner 304SS/Outside 201SS Price:$1.88/pcs as low MOQ:1000pcs

Led Reminder Water Bottle

Double Wall Vacuum Smart Sports Water Bottle

Solid Color Led Display Price:$1.98/pcs as low MOQ:2000pcs

Wholesale mL Classic Stainless Steel Vacuum Thermo Flask

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bullet Bottle

Stainless Steel 304 + 201 Price:$1.66/pcs as low MOQ:1000pcs

wholesale best price water bottles

Stainless Steel a Narrow mouthed Bottle

Vacuum & Double Price:$1.88/pcs as low MOQ:1000pcs

Wholesale oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Auto Cup

Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Mug Tumbler

BPA Free Lid
Price:$1.69/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

Wholesale oz Stainless Steel Vacuum Slide Lid Wine Tumbler

Double Wall Vacuum Travel Coffee Mug

304 stainless steel Price:$1.69/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs


Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Tumbler

18/8 Food Grade Price:$1.89/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

double wall sublimation stainless steel tumbler

Skinny Sublimation Blank Steel Tumbler

Stainless Steel BPA free Price:$1.89pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

glass bottle with plastic lid

Glass Bottle with Plastic lid

BPA-free BPS-free Price:$1.09/pcs as low MOQ:2000pcs

glass bottle with plastic lid

Glass Bottle with Bamboo lid

Soft Cork Sleeve Price:$1.59/pcs as low MOQ:2000pcs

Double-Walled Glass

Double-Walled Glass Bottle

Stainless Steel Strainer Price:$1.39/pcs as low MOQ:2000pcs

glass bottle

Single Wall Silk Printing Glass Bottle

High-Quality Glass Price:$0.99/pcs as low MOQ:2000pcs

water bottle

Plastic Wide Mouth Sports Bottles

BPA Free Large Capacity Price:$2.40/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

water bottle

Gym Sports Walking Water Bottle

BPA Free, Odors free Price:$1.55/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

water bottle

Tumbler with Lid and Straw

Starbucks Vibrant Summer Price:$0.99/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

water bottle

Portable Water Bottle with Time Markings

100% safe and BPA-free Price:$1.55/pcs as low MOQ:3000pcs

lf you need other type of water bottles, tell us more details of the water bottle you are looking for. Auland's R&D team will help you complete your ideas (Amazon, Ebay links will be good).

Wholesale Best Price Water Bottles

Free design

Wholesale Best Price Water Bottles

Free sample

Wholesale Best Price Water Bottles

Fully customized

Wholesale Best Price Water Bottles

Low MOQ:1000pcs

Wholesale Best Price Water Bottles

Distribute globally

custom print

Customized Exclusive Surface Coating

Auland has a variety of surface processes to choose from, each has its own unique properties or characteristics.

We can customize a variety of coatings, such as painting, powder coating, rubber painting, air transfer painting, and water transfer printing……
Accepted Artwork & requirments: .AI, .PDF, & .EPS
bottle lids

Customize Your Bottle Lids

We have customized more than 100 styles of LIDS for customers from China, South America, the European Union, Japan and other regions, many designs have been registered patents by our customers.

Please feel free to tell us your customized requirements, and you can also provide us with the design draft.

stainless steel

Customize Your Bottle Shape

We offer a wide range of water bottles, all designed for different purposes, so your ideal water bottle depends on what you need it for.

We have the most popular water bottle molds, which can meet most of the individual needs of customers. If you have a more unique water bottle shape, please let us know, our professional designers can make your wish come true.

custom packing

Customize Your Package

Auland graphic designers will provide a variety of styles of design according to buyers’ ideas for reference or selection. Alternatively, purchasers can also design and customize packaging methods and materials recommended by Auland, such as gift boxes, display boxes, bubble bags, UPC stickers, hangtags, etc.

Accepted Artwork & File requirments: .AI, .PDF, & .EPS.

Auland Water Bottle Manufacturing

Injection Molding

Our company owned 20 sets of automated injection molding machines with mechanical arms, applied to produce the lid of stainless steel vacuum bottles and plastic sports bottles.

Injection molding production

Metal Working

The process of stainless steel vacuum bottles metalworking is mainly as following five parts: cutting the stainless steel pipe, stretching , notch welding, polishing.

Machining of hardware

Surface Treatment

The patterns or designs that you see on the surface of vacuum bottles can be classified as rubber painting, heat transfer printing, silk printing, lacquer dye printing and 3D printing.



There are 6 assembly lines in our company. On the lines, we do inspections, clean dirties, assemble parts, paste stickers and finally packed into cartons.

Assembly line


With a 3000 square metres warehouse, which can hold one hundred containers withe the size of 40 GP.

Finished goods warehouse


There is only 150 miles from our company to Ningbo port, very close distance.

Loading and delivery

High-quality Manufacturing at Scale

Our physical manufacturing force to back you up.
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Each Water Bottle, Quality Guaranteed

Manufacturer of Stylish Water Bottles

Are you looking for a reliable water bottle manufacturer to support your business with high-quality products at better prices?

Auland is a China based factory equipped with stable water bottle production capacity to ensure a constant supply through the globe. Moreover, our solid team is able to design and customize any bottles you want.

Larger Capacity, Better Price.

Monthly production of up to 300,000 pieces & 15%-25% lower wholesale price.

Certified Products, Safety Guaranteed.

Compliance of FDA and LFGB, quality products to guarantee safety.

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