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Top 10 Popular drinking bottle styles for 2022

Drinking bottles are products that everyone will use in their lives. Many consumers and wholesalers will pay attention to the latest styles of drinking bottles. Consumers pay attention to more fashionable drinking bottles, while wholesalers pay attention to finding more popular drinking bottles. Auland has been engaged in the production and sales of drinking bottles for more than 10 years, and has the latest understanding and design of drinking bottle styles. Today, we will show you the most popular drinking bottle styles in 2022.

1. Fat Water Bottle

The bottle body of this thermos bottle is simple and smooth, the color is fresh, the surface treatment of rubber paint makes its bottle body feel excellent.

2. Cola bottle

Cola bottle should be regarded as the appearance level ceiling of the stainless steel bottle, various colors and textures of the surface make each bottle has a different style, streamline design is very individual, giving a person the feeling of lofty, even as a decoration is also a good choice.

3. Thermos with a pop lid

Thermos with a pop lid, press the key to twist and then open the thermos cup, the classic design is convenient and fast, eliminating the step of twisting the cap. It is very suitable for office workers and long-time travel.

4. Durian cup

The durian cup has a unique surface texture and is called durian cup because it feels like the shell of a durian. The durian cups are brightly colored and simple yet stylish. The plastic material is suitable for cold and iced summer drinks, perfect for parties and families daily use.

5. Wine set

This is the wine set that heat up greatly this year, the color with the most fire is rose aureate, argent and aureate, a design is all ready inside, modelling each different, the color of champagne is elegant, delicate exterior suits to present a gift very much. Single buy word recommends among them Moscow mule and champagne glasses, already practical and beautiful.

6.  Bullet-head series stainless steel water bottle

The classic bullet-head series stainless steel water bottle is never out of date. After the lid is taken off, it can be used as a simple small water cup, which is very popular among the elderly group and it’s very practical. Some of the bottles will have a hanging rope or a small handle, which is more convenient to carry.

7. Adventure series of thermos

The overall design of this adventure series of thermos is full of resolute style, with a large capacity to meet the whole day’s drinking water needs. The bottle body is impact-resistant and not afraid of collision, which is very suitable for people who like mountaineering adventure and can also be carried in the daily exercise gym.

8. Double vacuum cup

This cup has a double vacuum technology, which is ideal for hot drinks such as coffee and milk tea. The cup body adopts the technology of baking paint, the design is fashionable, the appearance is sensible, the color is diverse, and the selectivity is strong. The lid is not completely sealed, so it can be drunk with straws or gulped directly, which is necessary for car matching.

9. Anti-slip thermos cup

The design of this thermos cup is simple, the color is monochrome design, the wall of the cup has a circle of anti-slip ripple, even if there is no handle, you do not have to worry about sliding, no handle design also makes it very suitable for the car cup hole. The design of coffee cup lid, just need to open the small lid can be drunk at any time, the silicone ring inside the lid also makes this cup better leakproof performance.

10. Cylindrical thermos

Compared with other cylindrical thermos, it is more prismatic texture, clear hierarchy, four corners of the diamond design more fashionable. Beautiful colors and chic styling, whether school or out of the street are very suitable to carry.

The above drinking bottles ranked in no particular order, are selected products of Auland.

Of course, in addition to the above 10 popular drinking bottles, you must have other favorite drinking bottles, or you have better drinking bottle design ideas, you can always contact Auland, let us create more popular drinking bottles together.

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