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Packaging styles of wholesale water bottles

In the process of wholesale water bottles, there are many packaging methods, different customers prefer different packaging methods, and different packaging methods have their own advantages. A product from the production field into the circulation field, to go through storage, moving, transportation, loading and unloading and other links, is bound to go through a slight collision, vibration and other physical processes, sometimes also affected by temperature, environment, light and other chemical factors. Therefore, the packaging must be to a greater extent to effectively protect the above factors, for glass, ceramics and other fragile products, packaging is particularly important, it can be said that if there is no packaging for its escort, these products in the process of achieving corporate profits will be difficult to move. Let’s take a look at some common ways to pack water bottles.

1.Color box.

Color boxes are the most common type of packaging, including white box, brown box, window box, color box and so on. Color box almost occupied most of the water bottle packaging market. There are also many customers will first put an opp bag on the water bottle and then put it in the color box.

Color box is convenient for guests to do their own design, only need to print, the required information at a glance, can also play a basic protective water bottle, anti fall effect, is the best choice for most guests.

2.Hang tag and surround card.

These two types of packaging are relatively inexpensive and environmentally friendly. Some customers who pay attention to environmental protection think that simple, they choose these two kinds of packaging information, just a simple display of basic product information and price can be. This way of packaging is also accompanied by the process of transportation may cause damage to the bottle body and stored for a long time will fall ash and other disadvantages.

3.Display box

Display box usually only fixed effect to the water bottle at the bottom, main is to present a series of water bottles, effect on the protection of the water bottle is not big, but can be a bottle well apart from the rest of the region, is very suitable for holiday water bottle and theme bottle.

4. Paper tube

The paper tube is similar to the color box, for the normal shape of the water bottle, the paper tube and the water bottle in the shape of the closer. The lid also opens more easily.

5.Gift box

A lot high-end guests will choose as a packaging gift box. This kind of water bottle is generally more expensive, the selling nature is also biased towards gifts. Other functions are similar to the color box, but the quality and space will be larger than the color box. There may also be more particular designs on the box.

Finally, there are PET box, opp bag, PE bag, cardboard sleeve, bag carry bag can be used as water bottle packaging.

Tips from the water bottles manufacturer: Good packaging can successfully enhance the added value of products and increase the sales of products. Therefore, when choosing customized products, customers must find out the characteristics and sales positioning of products and choose appropriate packaging methods.

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