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China Coffee Mugs Manfacturer

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Your Reliable China Coffee Mug Manufacturer

As one of the best coffee mug manufacturing companies in China, Eastegg is dedicated to manufacture high quality coffee mug products, they are 100% food-safe grade, comply with European and American food safety standards. We have rich experience in OEM services, and our R&D team is able to form more than 450 pieces of new product design solutions every year.

With our outstanding R&D and design capabilities, good product quality and cost performance, and fast product delivery, we have gained recognition and established more stable relationships with international brand owners and large supermarkets. 

Please contact us for bulk orders coffee mugs.

Why our price is 10%-20% lower than other suppliers?

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Handling large orders for years

Action’s a global core supplier,world-class manufacturer of small mouth water bottle.

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High-efficiency production lines

Output 50000pcs/day, order lead time within 7 days, over 800 global customers, save 10-20% of customer’s cost.

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Low product wastage

10 automatic production lines, 7*24 hours runing time, 90 days for no reason to exchange cargos

Best-selling Coffee Mugs Wholesale

Our Product Patent Certification

Our exhibition in the 135th Canton Fair


Our Factory & Warehouse

Eastegg is one of the biggest suppliler in domestic China for more than 25 years. We have our own factories and can provide you the best quality, lowest price, shortest delivery time, as well as the best service. Also we have the biggest warehouse in China, cover area of 30,000 square meters. With such big warehouse, we always prepare available goods, which can make you more convenient to mix container and ship the goods immediately.

If you have a plan to source coffee mugs from China, please let us know, we offer free samples!

Eastegg Best-Selling Coffee Mugs

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Sourcing competitively priced water bottle from China?

Please submit your requirements and we offer free samples and recommendations of popular items.

Please upload only files. Size limit is 5MB.

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