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A Year-Round Vacuum Bottle-Did You Make The Right Choose?

As a vacuum bottle seller, do you know how to choose a vacuum bottle in different seasons? All the year-round, what kind of vacuum bottle do consumers prefer? Auland is a professional vacuum bottle manufacturer. Today, I will explain to you how to choose vacuum bottles in different seasons.

With the same production materials, we distinguish the vacuum bottles mainly based on these characteristics: style, function, capacity, etc. These characteristics determine the use environment and purpose of the water cup. But there is another important factor that everyone has always wanted to know. There is no way to start, that is, the heat preservation time of the vacuum bottle.

Then let’s discuss what kind of vacuum bottles are used in different seasons in terms of style, function, capacity, and heat preservation time.

In spring, after a severe winter, the temperature began to rise gradually. But the temperature was still generally low. In spring, people also began to increase outdoor activities. This season, the vacuum bottle has a capacity of 600 ml, and the sales volume of the simple style and the function of the portable cup will be higher. The best heat preservation time is about 8 hours, which is just enough to meet people’s use during the day.

Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

In summer, small-capacity vacuum bottles are in great demand, and slender cups are also more popular in the market. It is hot in summer and people wear light and thin clothes, so it is not easy to carry water cups that are too heavy. It is more appropriate to keep warm for 6 hours. During summer, people are more accustomed to drinking room temperature water or ice water, so the heat preservation time of the vacuum bottle is too long, which will cause inconvenience to drinking water in summer.

Bamboo Water Bottle

The temperature in autumn begins to decrease. At the same time, due to the climatic characteristics of autumn, the amount of water people drink is not much lower than that in summer. Judging from the shipment data, the lids are convenient and the vacuum bottles with a capacity of 750 ml have a large shipment volume. The heat preservation time can be similar to that of the Spring Festival.

Cola shape Sport Water Bottle

In the winter, it is recommended to choose a vacuum bottle with a large capacity, good sealing, and a heat preservation time of more than 12 hours.

Led Reminder Water Bottle

Different types of vacuum bottles should be sold in different seasons to meet the diverse needs of consumers, which will be of great help to your water cup sales. Auland produces various types of vacuum bottles and provides personalized customization services. If necessary, feel free to contact us.

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